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New Donuts: convenient, environmentally friendly, economical

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

Wow Wow!

Our (and your) beloved Donut, over time, not only changes into a new design but also changes its construction. And all this for more convenient work with a tool with a replaceable abrasive!

Let’s talk about it in series.

Firstly, now there is no need to buy a new Donut every time to use a disposable abrasive.  You can keep the plastic container, and in the course of how the abrasive tape will end, buy a new roll. It is not only cheaper and more economical but also more environmentally friendly, can you imagine how much it will reduce the consumption of plastic!

Secondly, the process of tearing off the abrasive will become easier. A special metal clip with saw-like notches can be attached to the container. It is easily put on and removed. Now you do not need to frantically search for scissors to cut off the necessary size of the abrasive tape for the file. Pull it out, measure it out (or measure it by eye how much an abrasive would be needed), tore it off with a clip. Easy, fast, convenient!

The number of meters per roll (8 meters = 100 replaceable abrasives) the width of the emery tape and the color matches with the grits will remain unchanged.

  • 100 grit – turquoise color;
  • 180 grit – pink;
  • 240 grit is a violet color.

From January 2020, such advanced donuts will enter the market, and only they will be sold – the standard version will not be released without a clip. The “replaceable roll” in Donut will be sold separately, without a plastic container, but will also be securely sealed. You can buy them if you have already accumulated enough plastic boxes and you want to “fill” them with a new abrasive tape.

Hurry to make an order!

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