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STALEKS PRO face shield for a safe procedure

Product-manager of STALEKS. I'll tell you all about the technical features of the tool.

The self-isolation and quarantine mode smoothly comes to an end. Many beauty stylists return to work and start serving clients. And compliance with security requirements is the essential aspect that we will not tire of repeating!

The use of protective equipment is a guarantee of your safety and a guarantee of comfortable work. The STALEKS PRO brand offers a new face shield. It is an effective protection against viruses that are transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact routes, as well as solid and liquid substances.


  • Reliable protection. The shield completely covers the entire face, and transparent plastic provides good visibility.
  • Convenience. It is convenient to breathe and talk wearing the shield and can be worn on glasses for sight.
  • Multipurpose. The design allows you to adjust the shield on the size of the head and install a protective screen at different heights. 
  • Hygiene. The shield is made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials. It can be used repeatedly; it can be easily disinfected.

The shield is suitable for store employees, medical workers, manufactures, couriers, beauty salons, all contact professions, and personal use.

We recommend you do not neglect security rules and leave quarantine as safe as possible for yourself and others!


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