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Winter Donut Collection by STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

With the onset of cold weather, not only people change clothes!  Our donuts (or how cleverly we say “nail file refill roll”) now also have their elegant interchangeable clothes.

From December 18, 2019 to January 31, 2020, you can buy a donut in a new “winter” design.

You may have noticed that a certain color of the coil corresponded to the number of grit of abrasives. With the new design, this feature has not changed:

  • A 100 grit donut has dressed in turquoise  colour;
  • 180 grit – in pink;
  • At 240 grit – in purple.

The design was supplemented with new elements. Now, instead of the traditional donut powder, a cheerful congratulatory inscription “Happy New Nails!” And winter ornaments appeared on coils: Christmas decorations, gifts, sweets and snowflakes.

A little bit about our donuts

Our donuts appeared on the market in May 2019.  For the first time, we presented the new product at the Nails of the year awards event, where we gave away the first batch of donuts live. It was fun! And the nail stylists wrote comments after that about how convenient it is to file nails – no need to buy reusable nail files.

You take a piece of abrasive from a donut, measure the desired size, cut it off, stick it on a metal base – and voila, your personal tool is ready!

It is so simple and fast: it saves the time of the nail stylist, and the client is also in a pleasant shock from such an individual approach. Every time – a new nail file. Nice and safe!

The advantages of donuts are obvious:

  1. They are cute and beautiful – they will delight the eye and decorate any set of nail stylist;
  2. They are roomy – place up to 100 interchangeable abrasives! It is 8 meters per roll;
  3. They are strong and stable – do not soak in water, do not peel off, do not slide off the metal base;
  4. They are diverse – there are three options of a donuts, depending on the number of grit. 

Need a nail file for soft natural nails – please, a 240 grit purple donut. 

Need a file for stronger nails – this is the gold standard, a 180 grit donut in a pink container. 

Need a nail file for artificial nails – a 100 grit donut in turquoise colour is at your service.

Metal base for the file can also be bought in the STALEKS PRO catalog. Among the wide assortment, you will definitely choose the file of the required length and shape.

Donuts in a standard design will not be sold during the winter collection. So, have time to order your unique donut in these couple of months! The quantity is limited.

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