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How to choose a tool for pedicure?

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Spring and summer are a hot time for pedicure.

With the return of your favorite sandals, this procedure is becoming more popular. But for the safe and correct performance of all stages of the pedicure procedure, you will need a professional tool.

In this article STALEKS PRO experts will talk about the range of tools for a hygienic pedicure, share secrets on how to spend less time on foot processing without losing quality. Let’s go 


What is needed for a pedicure?

The EXPERT line includes such a pedicure tool for fast and high-quality work of a nail stylist:

– Nail nippers EXPERT 60 (12 mm and 16 mm)

To correct the length of the nail plate, you need a tool with a reinforced structure and durable blades. Toenails are stronger, more challenging to trim it with ordinary scissors or nippers.

EXPERT line nippers have a straight cutting blade. This design allows you to cope with a nail of different thicknesses and trim it evenly to prevent ingrowth.

The length of the cutting part 12 mm is designed for small fingers (for example, little fingers, where the nail plate is more pliable). For large fingers and more massive nails, nippers with a cutting part of 16 mm are suitable.


– Nail nippers EXPERT 61 (12 mm and 16 mm)

Such nippers are indispensable not only for hygienic but also for a medical pedicure if you need to cut the ingrown nail. The narrowed tip of such nippers allows you to “crawl” under the ingrown angle of the nail plate.

Nippers are also presented in two options for the length of the cutting blade. The choice of length will depend on the size and thickness of the nail. Large nippers (16 mm) are designed to work with strong and coarse nails, and 12 mm nippers are suitable for thinner and softer nails.

The tips of the nail nippers are blunt; this reduces the risk of injury. The design of such nippers also allows you to correct the length of soft and thin nails.

All nippers have the advantages of the EXPERT line of nippers: thorough polishing, the grinding of the hinge, manual sharpening under the microscope.


– EXPERT 20 pusher (TYPE 1 and TYPE 2)

Nail stylists also call it “curettes” or “swab holders.” The tool is intended for partial removal of dry calluses and works with an ingrown nail.

The design of the pusher allows you to perform the procedure safely: due to the rounded hemisphere, the tool does not injure the nail plate and skin, and the curved peak shape easily cleans the nails of dirt.


– Pusher EXPERT 60 TYPE 3 and TYPE 4

A feature of such a tool is the presence of a file for filing an ingrown nail. The working parts are straight, allow you to work with nails of different sizes and densities.


For the convenient and safe work of the nail stylist, there are cuticle nippers and drill bits (if you are used to processing the skin around the nail in hardware technique), as well as a tool for feet processing. We will tell you about it further.


Foot processing tool

Pedicure is one of the relaxing procedures for the client. But the careless attitude of a nail stylist and improper sterilization of tools can do more harm than good.

Through reusable foot files for feet in beauty salons, you can become infected with bacterial (streptococcus, staphylococcus) or fungal infections, and the health consequences can be serious. Through reusable foot files for feet in beauty salons, you can become infected with bacterial (streptococcus, staphylococcus) or fungal infections, and the health consequences can be serious.

We urge nail stylists not to rely on luck, but to carefully and responsibly choose a tool for feet processing. Moreover, the STALEKS PRO brand has something to offer!


1. Pedicure foot file with the disposable files

A tool that has long been in our range. It managed to establish himself positively and became a must-have for all pros.

The pedicure file consists of two elements: a durable metal base and disposable files of varying degrees of abrasiveness.

The base is an unchanging element. It is made of high-quality medical steel, and therefore does not lose its aesthetic appearance and is not susceptible to corrosion. It can be used for a long time if the sterilization rules are followed.

Abrasives are changing, and it’s a part of the foot file that is becoming unusable faster. The nail stylist does not even have to wait for the abrasive to peel off. It must be changed after each client; it is fast and convenient. On a metal base, there will be no traces of glue, and the new abrasive file is not afraid of moisture, steam, and strong friction.

In addition to convenience, hygiene, and aesthetic appearance, such a tool has another significant advantage: profitability. It’s worth only once to buy a reusable metal base, and then, as necessary, buy a pack of disposable abrasives. Customers will think that you are doing a pedicure with a new tool, but we know the secret!



It is an option for those nail stylists who know how to use a special device for feet processing. This technique allows you to reduce the time of the pedicure procedure by almost half, and this will affect the quality even in the best way. The PODODISC is a little assistant that will carefully process the foot of any degree of coarsening (even the so-called “diabetic foot”), and help to polish the heels..

First, in the STALEKS PRO range, there was a pododisc without special holes and in three main sizes: S (small, 15 mm in diameter), M (medium, 20 mm), L (large, 25 mm).

We have improved the design, according to the reviews of nail stylists and experts in the beauty industry, and now a new pododisc with four drops is available on the market. The new pododisc has become lightweight; due to this, there is no risk of breaking the handle of the device. Also, PODODISC with drops heats up less, which means that the client will be more comfortable during the pedicure procedure.

We also could not ignore the request of nail stylists to add another -size to the pododisc line. A tiny tool of XS size (only 10 mm in diameter!) Does a tremendous job: it helps to work in hard-to-reach spots, remove interdigital corns and even remove gel polish.

We have repeatedly shot for you training videos on how to work with a pododisc. Soon, a workshop from Alena Apanasenko will appear on our YouTube channel, but for now, you can read her article on our blog with a detailed explanation.

Remember that your professionalism depends not only on courses and ongoing practice but also on the use of a special tool. Professional nippers and pushers for a pedicure, a tool for feet processing, the base for files with a disposable abrasive not only help to make the procedure faster and better but also safer for the client.

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