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New ENG Professional Tools by Natalia Golokh

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

The attention to detail, convenience, and comfort during work. Impeccable quality, strength, and durability. The combination of the nail technicians` work experience and professional features with the secrets of producing the perfect tool.

A new series ENG Professional Tools is the result of the collaboration of the Ukrainian company STALEKS PRO and the founder of the school of manicure Natalya Golokh. Nippers, scissors and a pusher represent the line. For the convenience of the nail technicians, nippers and scissors are divided into two separate tools: for right-handed and left-handed people.


Nippers for the skin

Four tools: two for right-handed people, two for left-handed people.

The dimensions of the cutting part of nippers are 6 and 8 mm.

The ENG Professional Tools differs from other STALEKS PRO nippers in the unusual shape of the handle. This is the main feature: one handle has a familiar look, the second is curved and fits perfectly in the fingers. The design of the nippers for left-handed people is mirrored, so the nail technicians with a leading left hand will also be comfortable using the tool.

Cuticle scissors

STALEKS PRO did not forget about those nail technicians who are used to cut the cuticle with scissors. The series also presents four models of scissors, two of which are for left-handed people.

Cutting blade lengths: 26 and 27 mm.

The thin scissor blades allow you to remove the cuticle and achieve a perfect result carefully. Processing and grinding of the surface made the scissors matte and pleasant to the touch.



The tool is made of titanium – a lightweight and durable material. Also, it has two working parts – a pusher and a hatchet. The multilevel sharpening guarantees perfect sharpness of the tool.




Nippers and scissors of the ENG Professional Tools series are made of stainless steel 40X13, and the pusher is made of titanium. Such materials are not susceptible to corrosion, can withstand high sterilization temperatures. If processing them in accordance with the conditions of cleaning, disinfection, and storage, do not lose their functional properties.

The working parts of the tool are sharpened manually – this extends the life of the instrument and makes it flawlessly sharp, ideal for a professional manicure.

In the new ENG Professional Tools series, many years of experience of the production of durable tools and the expert look of professionals are embodied.  Everything for unsurpassed convenience of the nail technician and ideal work!

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