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PODODISC with a drop

Updated tool from STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

What is the main thing for a client in pedicure? Comfort and perfect result. And for the nail stylist? There are more answers: convenience, compliance with safety standards, reliability and practicality.

Technologists STALEKS PRO listened to both parties and presented an updated tool for a pedicure.PODODISC with removable files of different abrasiveness. It’s a unique solution and a novelty in the area of a pedicure!

Features of the new pododisc

Not so long ago, we introduced a pedicure disc in the form of a metal nozzle for the nail drill machine. The design is simple: removable files that are disposable are attached to a glossy disc. 

With such a tool, the nail stylist does not have to spend hours run up around the client’s feet to make them perfectly smooth and soft. The pedicure disc copes with the task in a matter of minutes: the nail drill machine with pedicure discs can quickly and effortlessly process the skin of even a high degree of coarsening (for example, the so-called “diabetic foot”).

Both beginners and experienced nail stylists liked our novelty,  and they have seen a lot of tools during their “life in the profession.” But we thought: how can we improve the pedicure disc?

The idea was embodied in a new pododisc. In front of you is a good-old pedicure disc, but with four holes on the surface (for convenience, we call them “drops” – they look similar after all!)

Why are these drops needed:

  1. The weight of the pododisc has become less, so the tool does not break the handle of the device. Your pedicure device will last much longer!
  1. The pododisc heats less during operation. Drop-shaped holes stabilize the temperature drop during friction. Its mere physics!
  1. An insignificant, but also a reason: removing the disposable file has become more comfortable. The abrasive can be easily caught to the hole; meanwhile, during the procedure, it does not slip.

Also, the changes affected the sizes. Previously, the pedicure disc was sold in three variants of diameter, and now the fourth, smallest size has appeared.  The new pododisc can be found in the following sizes:

  • XS (diameter  – 10 мм)
  • S (diameter – 15 мм)
  • M (diameter – 20 мм)
  • L (diameter – 25 мм)

What has remained unchanged? The quality of the material (stainless steel), the ability to maintain an aesthetic appearance and practicality even with regular sterilization and disinfection. 

The “foot” of all PODODISC has a standard height (26.52 mm) and thickness (diameter – 2.2 mm). Therefore, the pododisc is suitable for most nail drill machines.

Replaceable files for a pododisc with a drop.

The new pododisc easily copes with the skin of any degree of coarsening, qualitatively processes cracks, and can even remove gel polish. Importantly, such a pedicure is safe for the client because removable files are used once.

By the way, let’s talk about abrasive files.

Replaceable files for a pododisc have several types of abrasiveness: 80, 100, 180, 240, and 320 grit. Nail stylist will be able to choose the right abrasiveness based on the individual situation of the client.  For soft feet with small corns, a removable file of 240 or 320 grit is needed, for skin of medium degree of coarsening – 100 or 180 grit, for a “diabetic foot” – 80 grit.

The diameter of the removable file is a little smaller than the disc. So, during the work, the nail stylist does not injure the client with the edge of the removable file.

For a nail stylist with an insane work schedule, it is essential to buy an instrument that would withstand the daily use and last for a long time. Pododisc is what a real pro needs!

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