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Acrylic bases for EXPERT 20 and 40 nail files from STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

Do you like a tool with a disposable abrasive?

Yes, we know how convenient it is to use it in everyday “routine” when there are a lot of clients and you need to follow all safety rules.

We have been producing metal bases for nail files for a long time, and then we thought – why not diversify the assortment with acrylic nail files? After all, they are lighter and cheaper!

Our idea was embodied in a new tool. Voila – in front of you is a convenient, lightweight and practical acrylic file with a disposable abrasive. Let’s take a closer look?

Features of acrylic nail file bases

Acrylic files EXPERT 20 and EXPERT 40 are used in a manicure for a quality file of the nail plate. Quick-change disposable abrasives are reliably stuck to the base, which one can be selected according to the number of grit: the more they are, the softer the file.

The base is made of plexiglass (acrylic) – high-strength transparent plastic. It is moisture resistant, not subject to corrosion.

Acrylic bases are made in two forms: a straight file and a “half-moon.” Each nail stylist will be able to choose for themselves such a basis, which will be as comfortable as possible.

The main advantages of such a tool:

  • The acrylic base is light in weight. The hand of a nail stylist will not get tired during work.
  • The nail file is comfortable during work. The abrasive adheres conveniently and does not soak, does not slide off the base.
  • The acrylic base can be disinfected by special means, as well as cold sterilization in a special solution. 

WARNING! You can not use the dry-heat oven, because the melting temperature of the file is 160 degrees.

  • The use of disposable files increases the hygiene and safety of the procedure.

A little bit about replaceable abrasives for acrylic files

Replaceable files for an acrylic base are divided into two types: soft and thin. This is also a question of the convenience of the nail stylist, what kind of abrasive he used to use.

The level of the abrasiveness should be selected individually, carefully examining the client’s nail plate before the procedure. We offer acrylic files in three hardness options: 100, 180, 240 grit. The first one is for extended or hard nails, the other two are for natural nails, which often breaks or peels.

Files are disposable. After each client, the nail stylist must unstick and discard the abrasive, and the acrylic base itself must be disinfected.

A reliable adhesive base does not allow the abrasive to peel off during the procedure, and high-quality material does not soak in water. In one package there are 50 removable files.This number is enough to work even at a wild pace and schedule – you do not have to constantly think about the fact that the file has ended in the box!

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