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Alyona Apanasenko: Secrets of a professional tool choosing

How to shorten the path from beginner to nail stylist?

Multiple winner of international and regional championships in manicure, winner of the Grand Prix of the qualifying championship, three-time gold medalist of the Kiev Cup 2017.
Work experience - 17 years, of which 8 years of teaching. Member of the panel of judges, regional coach, STALEKS expert.

There are a lot of obstacles in this way: training, competition, choosing the necessary tool … Let’s start with it, because only with the help of the right professional tool, you can create beauty.

Each self-respecting school has a stand on which instruments of various brands are presented.And the teacher is obliged to tell about each, and then a student chooses an instrument individually. But, alas, this does not happen everywhere, and there are different schools. Such a crucial step as the choice of nippers, scissors, manicure pushers, and other things rests on the shoulders of a novice master. Let’s see how, nevertheless, to choose the right tool and why is it so important?


STEP 1: Pay attention to the material.

The tool must be made of stainless steel and be well polished. Indeed, every day it will undergo aggressive environments (disinfection) and high temperatures (sterilization). A poor-quality tool will quickly become worthless and not mention the fact that it will need to be sharpened more often. And new expenses await you – the purchase of a new instrument.


STEP 2: Choose the brand.

Here I want to pay special attention to the Ukrainian brand. STALEKS produces tools from several types of steel. The whole range of tools is sharpened and polished manually. Visiting at any outlet of the company, you notice a wide variety of models for any budget. Moreover, the whole range of tools is of excellent quality.

An acquaintance with the brand and knowledge of the steel quality doesn’t end with the instrument choice.  After all, the tool is chosen based on the nail stylist’s hand size, the technique in which it works, and even on the character!

How to choose a tool?

Let’s start with the choice of cuticle scissors. The size in mm is the length of the cutting blade, and the nail stylist selects it at will, but the length of the handles is of great importance. During scissors choosing, we focus on the length of the fingers; the longer the fingers, the longer the handle.

With nippers for skin the case goes in a different way. Here, during choosing, we are based on the width of the palm. The tool must be locked down on the second phalanx of the index finger, and the handle should end on the muscle that removes the little finger (the hillock of the moon). If the nippers are smaller, you have to try to fix them all the time, and it will not be easy. But if the size is larger than the palm, then making the right cut will be difficult. In both cases, you will need to continually adjust and choose the most comfortable posture while completely forgetting about the correct attitude. And every day like that.

All cuticle nippers are divided into “axes” and “boats.” These are conditional names, according to which the type of tool belongs to depends on the angle of inclination of the cutting blade. The angle is measured from the “heel,” and if it is 90 degrees, then these are “axes.” More are boats. The length of the cutting blade varies from 3 to 16 mm.

The nature of the nail stylist also affects which tool he will use. Nail stylist with a strong-willed character choose a tool with a long cutting blade (in most cases these are “axes”). But the impressionable, sensitive nail stylists choose small blades and “boats.”

To push the cuticle still need a manicure pusher. We don’t pay much attention to this tool, because STALEKS produces a lot of them, different in shape, size and weight. And when choosing this tool, focus on your taste, as well as how convenient it is for you to use the manicure pusher.

How can the wrong tool harm?

I can say with confidence that a lot depends on the choice of an instrument: both the time of the procedure and its quality. And soon, working with an improperly selected tool can cause health problems; they usually begin with the cervical spine.

How does this happen? After five years of work, beautiful young girls begin to look for a good osteopath, a massage therapist. They do not understand what is happening to the body and why the state of health has worsened so much. Unfortunately, courses give the needed professional knowledge, and no one pays attention to the topic: “How to preserve the health of the master?” And there isn’t just a need to talk about this, but there is a need to shout!

Many people read and think: “And what does health have to do with it?” But the fact is that working with an inappropriate tool, and you will always look for the optimal pose. For example, to increase your view and make less effort. Yes, in this position, it will seem to you that you are sitting comfortably, but the muscles of the back and spine will be in tension.  And this is fraught with impaired posture, pain and discomfort, visual impairment, and even cardiovascular diseases.

Maintaining the health of the nail technician directly depends on himself. As the saying goes: “It’s up to you to have a boat if you want to stay afloat!” And you need to start with the choice of instrument.

20 years ago, the nail technicians had no choice, and they worked with the available tool. Another thing now is when you go to the store, and your eyes are fairly dazzled by the range.

I hope that this article will help many of you to choose the right tool, and thereby maintain your health.

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