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Daria Kruchinina: TOP-5 Brow stylist tweezers

The makeup artist and brow stylist. She moved from Krasnodar (Russia) to New York. She has worked with top models and prestigious fashion and beauty brands. She has collaborated with the leading world and Russian magazine: Vogue, L'Officiel, Nylon Spain, Rose & Ivy, Tatler Russia.

The number of lash & brow professionals is growing every year, and the market for auxiliary materials is developing along with them. Today you can find almost everything: from individual patches to disposable applicators of various brands, but one thing has remained unchanged for many years …

Yes, it is the choice of tweezers that is one of the main points for the technician. I have been working and developing in the brows artistry business for over eight years, so I can say that I have tried the most famous (and not so) brands of professional tools.

Today’s market is so diverse that we can adequately assess such parameters as the price-quality ratio, duration of use, and characteristics.

I want to share my top 5 favorites from STALEKS and talk about how they help me.



STALEKS Beauty & Care 20/4 and 20/2 

You’ve probably heard of these tweezers from top eyebrow technicians: they are lightweight, compact, and fit comfortably in hand.

Among the features, I will highlight the groves for the fingers (they do not allow the hand to get tired), the extremely sharp beveled cut, and the affordable cost (especially when you need to purchase many tweezers for training and work).

In my arsenal, there are already eight such tweezers. With this tool, I recommend a beginner to start and also recommend these tweezers to clients. In general, this is a tool for home use, so anyone, even without special eyebrow modeling skills, will maintain their shape between corrections. Hooking 2-4 hairs and making a mistake is almost impossible.



STALEKS PRO Expert 10/5

For me, this is one of the sharpest eyebrow tweezers.

I have tried many analogs (including the most famous American brands) and noticed that Expert 10/5 tweezers have been pleasing me for two years, while the other instrument “blown away” and darkened after several sterilizations in dry heat sterilizer.

I recommend using this tweezer model for those who “don’t feel the hairs” with the usually beveled tweezers and for those who seek precision in every movement.


STALEKS PRO Expert 40/5

And now, surprise! This model is my favorite tool for complex eyebrow correction. I even use it most often.

It is not a mistake: tweezers, initially intended for eyelashes, I use in my work with natural eyebrow shaping. It is my find, and for many years it has been helping me out.

In my opinion, the basis in eyebrow modeling is a correct correction, work with volume, Italian correction, hair layout, thinning. The essence is the same – to determine which hairs need to be removed, and to do it as accurately as possible and on the first try, visually open the eyes and lighten without dye. I have been using this technique since 2014 to work with different types of eyebrows, paying particular attention to lush, frizzy, too thick, and masculine eyebrows.

The most precise and thin tweezers I’ve ever used in my work. Just perfect. 

I don’t know how else to describe my delight: when you remove with tweezers THAT hair that is “lost” in the depth of the eyebrow and after that, the whole perception of the eyebrow changes – isn’t it excellent? For those who need a wider “grip” and tweezers surface – STALEKS PRO Expert 40/10 can be an alternative.

I strongly urge professionals to use these tweezers only – those who are not used to the shape and length of the tweezers can accidentally damage skin or eyes.


STALEKS PRO Expert 50/1

I sincerely hope that every professional will find this assistant in their case. It is the enemy of all ingrown hairs. Even when the client tried to pinch their eyebrows on their own, accidentally broke their hair, and came to me with a one-day “stump” – these tweezers will help you out.

You need to get used to this tool and understand how it works: I tilt it at an angle of 30-45 degrees away from me and “pull up” the ingrown hair while pressing the tweezers. Give it a try – I’d love to hear your feedback.


STALEKS Classic 12/3 

Ir is tweezers, which I ALWAYS carry with me on shooting. I love to use these tweezers in eyelash extensions. And no matter how praised the special tweezers-grippers for eyelashes on tape or cluster lashes, I choose the old-school method.

Why this model: shape, close-fitting tip, and precision are three ingredients for the perfect lash setting. A nice bonus is the non-slip, corrugated, and pleasant to touch surface.


After each client, I want to note that I pack and sterilize each tweezer in a craft bag. Disinfection and sterilization and the peculiarities of this process in the USA are a completely different article … See you!




Andy Stark

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