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STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

The beauty of the modern world is in the absence of fear of trying new things, experimenting and rejecting stereotypes. Today, the confusion of “male” and “female” professions does not seem to be something grotesque: while women propagandize feminism and defend their rights, men choose professions that are not typical for their gender affiliation.

A manicurist, a brow specialist, a cosmetologist, a stylist, a lashmaker – the modern beauty industry is equally open to people of both sexes. And this is despite the fact that girls used to go to the sphere of beauty before. STALEKS will tell about those who were not afraid to “follow the call of the heart” and chose the profession of beauty master.

5 heroes – 5 different stories: on the choice of one’s business, professional experience, the advantages of the “masculine look” in matters of beauty and the problem of gender inequality.





Lasmaker (eyelash extension specialist) in “Art Studio by Annushka Moroz”, Sumy, Ukraine

“The first master eyelash extension among men in Ukraine” – so proudly say friends about Eugene. For five years now he and his wife, Annushka Moroz, have been developing the business in the beauty industry. Mastering the profession of a lashmaker, advanced training, opening his own beauty salon, participating in international championships – Eugene has become accustomed to this pace of life, and he is really enjoying working.

By profession lashmeykera Eugene came on the advice of his wife. Several years ago, for reasons of health, he could not do hard physical work, so he decided to change his line of business and try himself in the beauty industry. New work – a lot of discoveries, but without negative emotions has not done. As Annushka Moroz recalls: “At first, my wife was embarrassed to say that he was building up his eyelashes. Stereotypes played a role; many acquaintances did not take such work seriously, played a joke. Moreover, there were no male builders before Zhenya in Ukraine — he can be said to be a pioneer in this matter. ”

Annushka became the first teacher of Eugene in the art of eyelash extension. Then they went to refresher courses in different cities, practice in their own beauty salon. Despite the skepticism of others, Eugene reached the heights in the chosen case – there is no end to the clients, and almost no one is surprised that a man will provide extension services. “Specifically, in his work, Zhenya almost never came across devaluation, just because he is a man. Even on the contrary – a few years ago for Ukraine it was such a novelty: a male lash maker! Many girls wanted to get on building up specifically to Zhenya, in order to check for themselves how good the result would be. In the end, everyone was satisfied. “

Eugene’s professional skills did not go unnoticed at the international competition Sculptor Lash. Among the 205 participants, he was the only man. Only 3 points were enough for the top place.

Eugene was the first who was not afraid to do the supposedly “not male” case. By his example, he inspired many to discard stereotypes and find a business to their liking. In addition to the fact that Eugene works daily by appointment and directs the work of the salon, he teaches a build-up course for beginning masters (including men).




Manicure and pedicure master, brow specialist in “YR beauty studio”, Kiev, Ukraine

Eyebrow modeling and tattooing, permanent makeup, manicure and pedicure are those areas of the beauty industry that Svyatoslav has chosen for his creative work. The participant of the ATO, who fought in the east of Ukraine from the “Right Sector”, today works in a professional manicure studio with his wife. According to him, it was his beloved who led him to the beauty industry: “It somehow happened that my wife [is also a manicure and pedicure man, approx. STALEKS] had a back injury, it was necessary to replace it. It was necessary to do a pedicure, and she says: “Come on, maybe you will try?”

Svyatoslav took a chance. Despite the lack of experience, banter by colleagues and acquaintances. “I’m impulsive. Most of what I do in life is impulsive actions: I decided – I did. ” Such a bold approach helped the couple to open their own studio, attract customers and make plans for the future to expand the business.

For all the time of work, Svyatoslav only once faced a refusal on the part of the client due to the fact that the manicure will be provided by a man. Basically, those who come to Svyatoslav for the first time are surprised, but as a result are satisfied and then return.




Manicurist at Shortt Cut & Sinead’s Nails, Jersey, UK

From the automotive business to the beauty industry – this is the path to the beloved work of Burley John Short, a 39-year-old manicure master from the UK. Today, a man works in a beauty salon, and a few years ago was a supplier of panels and spare parts for cars.

The desire to change the profession came to John in 2014, after meeting with his future wife Sinead. Beloved owned a beauty salon, and John decided to work with her. At first, the man graduated from the courses in hairdressing, but after working in this area, I realized that he was attracted by manicure and nail art. Sinead also engaged in manicure – she taught the groom basic techniques and began to entrust simple work. Soon, John realized that he wanted to be realized in this specialty and become a professional.

The man admits that it is at this job that he feels happy: “Manicure is a bit like a car case. The processes are similar: removing the old “paint”, preparing the surface, applying layers of varnish – of course, on a much smaller scale. ”

Having changed the previous profession to a completely new type of activity, Burley John Short does not regret such an “adventure”. He says that friends and relatives were surprised by this decision, because they consider manicure as a purely “female” occupation, and the earnings are not that big. But for John, the money faded into the background: “It is more important to feel the pleasure of each working day.”





Manicurist, Minsk, Belarus

A creative person will always find a way to express himself – this postulate is confirmed by Pavel, a 34-year-old manicurist in one of the nail bars in Minsk.

Since childhood, he loved to draw – a passion developed into the profession of a tattoo artist. “Where we rented a room and did a tattoo, the girls asked why we couldn’t even make our nails. The tattoo master market is oversaturated, and the manicurist boys are few – a trick! Well, I thought about it and went to study, ” recalls Paul.

Before linking his life with a creative specialty, the man worked as a welder at the factory. Tattooing and manicure is a completely different field of activity, and this is where Pavel feels most comfortable. Three days a week working in a nail bar, three more – in a tattoo parlor.

Having come to the master for a session, at first you even get lost what kind of service he will provide. “Sleeves” of tattoos, piercing on the face – as Paul admits, his informal appearance surprises clients for a manicure, but does not repel him. “The girls are coming, and when they see me, their eyes are rounded. When they see my tattoos say: “Cool! Wow!”. Sometimes they ask to show something, ask where to make a tattoo. But everyone leaves with a smile. ”

It was during the manicure courses that Pavel himself felt what it is like for a man to master the traditionally “female” business. The competition made itself felt: “It used to be that they pushed me in the back while working, as if by accident, and the liquid was spilled on me. They were angry that I succeed, but they do not. They talked about it openly. ” Taunt, distrust, frivolous attitude from friends – all this hurt the novice master, but did not demotivate. “Some people picked up the phone and just laughed:” Oh, boy, manicure – ahah. ” I was just hanging up. For some time I even felt hurt that they did not perceive me. ”

The main thing in mastering a new business is to believe in yourself and feel the support of loved ones: “My wife provided great moral support in my undertaking. She even has it on hand – now there is a personal master and always a fresh manicure, ”laughs Paul.





Manicure and pedicure master, Balneario Camboriu (port. Balneário Camboriú), Brazil.

Friendly and sincere Brazilian Elvis has been involved in nail art for 3 years. He travels around the country, travels abroad to gain new knowledge in the beauty industry and learn different manicure techniques.

“A few years ago, when I was still living in Fortaleza, I saw an article about men who worked in“ female ”professions. And I wanted to work in the beauty industry, but I received too many negative reviews about it. I doubted: can I succeed? ” Recalls Elvis.

Elvis moved to Sao Paulo to attend a manicure and pedicure training course. The guy admits that at the beginning of his creative career, he had a hard time: not every client could entrust such hard work to a man. In addition, there were only women on the courses – this embarrassed the novice master.

5 years before, Elvis worked as a waiter in a Brazilian cafe. He lived in a dorm and dreamed that one day his life would change drastically. The guy approached the issue of learning very responsibly: he studied theory, began to practice early.

Today Elvis Gouveia is a well-known manicurist in Brazil and abroad. Charisma, energy and curiosity helped him to become a professional. Like any novice master, Elvis faced disappointment in his address, but he always worked on mistakes and improved. Now he is a teacher, he teaches courses for young masters. Elvis was an instructor at Instituto Embelleze, a columnist for Revista a3, and is currently the endorser of STALEKS PRO products. An experienced master appreciated the advantages of a professional instrument of Ukrainian origin, therefore he advises it to beginners.

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