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Events for March, 2020


Наконец пришла весна! А вместе с ней – наш новый сезон выставок и полезных бьюти-ивентов.

В марте мы планируем посетить аж семь выставок в разных странах и аж шесть разных мероприятий – как в области нейл-индустрии, так и в сфере lash&brow. Месяц будет горячим и плодотворным, но как не поучаствовать, если есть такие интересные поводы. 

Рассмотрим подробнее.

Finally, spring has come! And with it, begins our new season of exhibitions and useful beauty events.

In March, we plan to visit seven exhibitions in different countries and six different events, both in the field of the nail industry and in the field of lash & brow. A month will be hot and productive, but how not to participate if there are such interesting reasons. 

Let’s consider in more detail.



  1. Estetica e micro BH

Date: March 8-9

Venue: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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  1. Beauty and Care 2020

Date: March 5-8

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

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  1. International Fair of Health, Cosmetics, Accessories and Equipment for Salons

Date: March 8-10

Venue: Zagreb, Croatia



  1. STALEKS Nail Festival

Date: March 22

Venue: Curitiba, Brazil

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  1. COSMOBEAUTY Barcelona

Date: March 28-30

Venue: Barcelona, Spain

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  1. Beauty Festival

Date: March 28-30

Venue: Peristerion, Greece

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  1. Professional Beauty London

Date: March 29-30

Venue: London, UK

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Brow Therapy Beauty Conference in Rivne (Ukraine)

Date: March 1st

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This event is for brow stylists – people who are engaged in modeling, design, and dyeing of eyebrows.

The conference expands borders, breaks standards, and presents new opportunities for brow stylists.As the organizers themselves say: “We are ready to do everything to fill this day with lively, sincere emotions and love for our common profession!”

Eight top speakers will tell you all the secrets of the ideal procedure so that the client is satisfied and you don’t get tired during this painstaking process. 

And we at the STALEKS PRO booth will present our professional eyebrow tweezers and tell more about replenishment in the assortment.


Beauty Atelier Conference in Kharkov (Ukraine)

Date: March 10

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Do you dream to grow in the profession and achieve heights? This theoretical conference is just for you. Indeed, to masterfully practice and amaze with a neat result, it is worth learning.

At the Kharkiv conference, 10 speakers will read authors’ presentations on the topics of current interests: what is a “personal brand” and how to work on it, how to retain a client, why a low price kills a business, what Instagram mistakes hinder your development and how to prevent professional burnout?

Answers to these (and many others!) questions await you at the conference. And besides useful knowledge, you will have the opportunity to fill your set with professional tools from STALEKS PRO. Come to our booth!


BeautyDayPronail in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Date: March 19-20

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Registration Link

In February, we attended Beautydaypronail in Moscow. Now it’s up to the cultural capital!

STALEKS PRO is a sponsor of the conference for nail stylists and podologists in St. Petersburg. The festival brings together the best of the best under one roof, which means it allows you to increase your professional rating.

At our booth, you can find a professional tool for any beauty field: manicure, pedicure, podology, eyelash extensions, eyebrow modeling. Do not forget to ask our managers and technologists about the tool you are interested in – you will find out a lot of useful things!


Forum Nail Artist Day in Krasnodar (Russia)

Date: March 24th

And every dog has his day! March 24th is the day of nail stylist, a professional holiday for everyone who connected their lives with the world of beauty.

How to stay away and not throw a party about this? But we decided to approach more responsibly, and participate in a large-scale Forum.

March 24, we will bring together all like-minded and experts in the nail industry. Exchange of experience, training, useful contacts and the development of a nail service culture – all this awaits you on “Nail Artists Day”. There will also be a presentation of the new instrument, a raffle of gifts and a performance by top speakers and sharpening technicians.

All for you to achieve unrealistic success in your favorite business. Waiting for you!


Pedicure Profi-nn championship in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

Date: March 25-27

Do not forget about the pedicure! This beauty sphere has its features and secrets, which will be shared by invited experts and speakers. Thanks to the Championship, nail stylists will be able to improve their skills, learn new things, and work on an innovative tool.

By the way, about the tool! We will bring everything, everything that is useful to the nail stylist for the perfect pedicure. Just recently, we introduced new unique podology discs with drops – they are cooler, lighter, more convenient, do not break the handle of the device and are suitable for processing foot of any degree of coarsening.

At the Championship we will tell you everything and show in more detail. Do not miss it!


Best Beauty Mentor in Kiev (Ukraine)

Date: March 25-27

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The First International Congress of Beauty Industry Mentors invites all those interested in the beauty industry to pass fascinating training in important aspects of the profession. 

This event is for owners, executives, managers, teachers of training centers, schools, courses, online sites selling beauty knowledge. And also, of course, for nail stylists who teach private lessons and want to open their school.

Congress is divided into 4 blocks with a specific leading topic. A speaker will speak on behalf of the STALEKS PRO brand and talk about the possibilities of collaboration with the brand for nail stylists.

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