The last decade of December – the time of debriefing. It is nice to remember what events happened in the world of STALEKS and what this year brought to our company.

In addition to the production of new products (the creation of unique curved EXPERT pliers, 19 models of tweezers for eyelash extension, EXPERT 11 TYPE 2 nail scoop with rectangular pusher and ax and other tools), STALEKS actively participated in large-scale events for the beauty industry. In 2018, we became sponsors and partners of 14 manicure and lash & brow championships, participants in 19 exhibitions (9 of which are partner ones). In one year, we were in seven countries, where we presented new products and the best-selling tools.

Let’s talk about everything in more detail. Let’s remember what new events marked the year 2018 for STALEKS.


Manicure, nail aesthetics, lash & brow championships help to identify the best experts in a particular industry of the beauty industry. Such events realize the creative potential and creativity of the master, allow him to demonstrate professionalism, learn about new techniques and master them, share experiences with colleagues.

As a leading manufacturer of professional tools for various branches of the beauty industry, STALEKS has always supported such events. Every year we act as a sponsor and partner of leading championships and congresses in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

In 2018, our company took part in 14 championships, 10 of which were held in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, the Carpathian region), and 4 – in other countries (Russia, Estonia, South Korea).

Twice (in February and September) we sponsored the Beauty Festival “Nevskie Berega” – a key event for professionals of the beauty industry in St. Petersburg.

In March, STALEKS participated in the prestigious nail aesthetics championship “NailPro Ukraine”.

April was especially busy: we collaborated with the International Browser Congress “BE Brow Expert 2018” (Kiev), the championship for beauty industry professionals at the Molfar Beauty Forum (Carpathians, Bukovel Resort), the championship and the Beauty Salon specialized exhibition eyelash extensions and eyebrow modeling (Kharkov).

In May, we visited Tallinn (Estonia), where the leading professional competition for nail design and modeling “Nailympia” was held.

In June, STALEKS sponsored the specialized exhibition Golden Crest (Ufa), which in 3 days brought together leading experts in the field of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, nail services, hairdressing and decorative art. In the same month, we supported the Ukrainian Championship “Golden Lion” (Lviv), which was held as part of the Beauty Industry Festival “Fashion Mirror”.

September was marked for STALEKS with sponsorship in BeautyWest 2018 (Khmelnitsky) – the open international championship in nail aesthetics, lash & brow and visage. At almost the same time, a professional congress of lash-experts “Lash World Education” took place in Kiev, during which master classes and speaker reports were held.

In October, we joined the XXI Championship of Ukraine SPU (community of professionals of Ukraine) in the beauty industry. The event took place in Lviv, in the framework of the exhibition “Fashion Mirror”, and involved the participation of masters in nail aesthetics, lash & brow, hairdressing. The next event is “Face Control” in Kiev, the fifth international championship and congress, where new tweezers for eyelash extension and eyebrow styling STALEKS PRO were presented.

STALEKS presented the same tweezers for eyelash extension in Lviv, becoming a sponsor of the International Sculptor Lash Championship in November. STALEKS participated in the season of championships and congresses in the large-scale event “Nailympion Asia” in Seoul (South Korea).


International exhibitions are trendsetters and trendy positioning of the brand and its products. Our company strives to demonstrate itself to the world, to establish the sale of goods to other countries, to attract partners and investors. In 2018, we participated in 19 exhibitions, of which 9 were partnerships, and visited seven countries, not counting our native Ukraine.

Among the most ambitious events include:

  • “International Beauty Show” in New York, America (March 4-6). The event attracted more than 65 thousand professional masters in the field of beauty. The largest exhibition hall has 500 leading exhibitors.
  • Cosmoprof Worlwide Bologna in Bologna, Italy (March 16-19). We took part in the exhibition for the second time, organized promotions and gave gifts to visitors.
  • Estet Beauty Expo in Kiev, Ukraine (March 28-30). The event was visited by more than 30 thousand profile specialists in the beauty industry. Estet Beauty Expo has secured the reputation of the main exhibition and training platform of the beauty market in Ukraine.
  • INTERSHARM Professional in Moscow, Russia (April 25-27, October 24-27). Not for the first year STALEKS participates in one of the largest perfumery and cosmetics exhibition. We presented new items, organized promotions and jokes.
  • “Nevsky Berega” in St. Petersburg, Russia (February 22-25, September 27-30). Promotions, expert advice, gifts and presentation of new products – this was the professional Beauty Festival with the participation of STALEKS.
  • “Beautyworld Middle East” in Dubai, UAE (May 8-10). In a row, this is the 23rd exhibition, which attracted 1,700 exhibitors from 62 countries and more than 36,000 visitors.
  • China Beauty Expo in Shanghai, China (May 22-24). STALEKS first participation in an exhibition in China! China Beauty Expo has been held for 23 years in a row. This time she gathered more than 500,000 visitors, 3,500 participants from 34 countries.
  • “Beauty Fair” in Sao Paulo, Brazil (September 8-11). STALEKS for the first time in Brazil! More than 2000 brands and more than 16 5000 visitors, 80 000 sq.m. exhibition space – all this large-scale “Beauty Fair”.
  • “INTERSHARM Professional” in Kiev, Ukraine (September 18-20). Participation in such an exhibition is already a good tradition for STALEKS. We presented a lot of profitable shares and presented new items, as well as engraving the instrument right on the stand.
  • Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong, China (November 14-16). We demonstrated the STALEKS range of products (home products) and STALEKS PRO (professional tools). As part of the Cosmoprof Asia exhibition, there was not only an exhibition of goods, but also side events: forums, conferences, presentations and master classes.

And this is just the beginning! Every year brings our company new impressions and acquaintances. We are becoming more famous in the world, improving our products and creating new professional tools. Our goal is to facilitate the work of the beauty master and make the result of a painstaking procedure of manicure, pedicure, eyelash extension and eyebrow modeling perfect. Participation in large-scale events helps us grow and develop. See you in 2019 – we will be something to surprise you!