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STALEKS at the Salon Look International Festival in Madrid, Spain

October 18 – 20, 2019 in Madrid (the capital of Spain) will be a large-scale exhibition Salon Look International. It is a leading event in the field of the beauty industry, that covers various spheres of the industry: hairdressing, spa, nail service, makeup, cosmetology.

The fair will be held in different thematic sectors. In Hall 2 there will be a stand with Color Cosmetics (Nails and Make-up), in Hall 12 there will be a stand for micropigmentation products and natural cosmetics, and in Hall 14 the whole range of hairdressing services will be presented.

The Salon Look International will also include specific events:

  • Micropigmentation Beauty Congress;
  • Massage masterclasses;
  • Make-up championships;
  • Nailympion (nail art competition);
  • Hairdressing contests (Hair Look Focus, Hair Look Academy, etc.).

Let’s take a closer look at the international Nailympion Championship. This is a large-scale competition with the right atmosphere to demonstrate your talents in nail art. This is an ideal place where specialists of different levels can compete with each other. A fair assessment will be provided by the International Association of Judges (INJA – INTERNATONAL NAIL JUDGE ASSOCIATION).

Staleks cannot keep out this global championship. At Nailympion, we present a team of 5 talented manicure experts. We will hold an exclusive reality show on our official Instagram account and share with you the most vivid impressions of the competition. We will also introduce you to our team and show what happens in the life of the winners “behind the scenes.”

You can find out more about the exhibition and more about Nailympion on the official website of Salon Look International.

Salon Look International
About 59,000 participants
Over 400 exhibitors;
1300 declared brands;
More than 7 participating countries;
7 thematic sectors.


Kemenyash Taisiya Andreevna
(Beregovo, Zakarpatska region)
Nail technician INJA Judge Instructor at Kodi Transcarpatia Studio Winner of Ukrainian and international championships
Kirilyuk Natalia
(Khmelnitsky city)
Gold medalist of the Kiev Cup 2017 and Nailympion championship Silver medalist at the Star Trek Championship (Rome 2017) Manicure instructor INJA Judge Multiple winner of Ukrainian and international championships
Petkova Vera
Nail aesthetics instructor Founder of the TopNail Training Center, TopNail shop and TopNail salon 14 years of experience in nail aesthetics Conference organizer for nail technicians of OdessaNailFest АВС and INJA Judge The developer of courses for technicians
Lary Speech
In 2002 she received a certificate of manicure with OPi In 2016 received a certificate for medical pedicure SUDA (Germany) Nailympion International Championship Winner Developer of new author's training programs for manicure, modeling and design Founder and owner of the ADDICT NAIL EDUC Training Center
Orekhova Inna
Instructor at Real Professional Multiple Champion of All-Ukrainian and International Championships International Judge INJA 2019 Founder of Nail Studio Inna Orekhova Work experience - 18 years

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