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STALEKS PRO at the International “Sculptor Lash” Championship

On July 3-4, 2019 in the city of Porto (Portugal) the International Sculptor Lash Glance Modeling Championship will take place.

The event is aimed at improving the skill level of lash-specialists.  Every practicing lash technician who wishes to learn new techniques can take part in the championship, acquire useful skills for work, communicate with colleagues, and exchange experience can take part in this event.

STALEKS PRO has become a sponsor of the International Championship in Portugal.  We produce professional tools for various beauty industries, and lash & brow is no exception!

In 2018, we presented a series of new tweezers for eyelash extensions. 19 models of tweezers with different working parts and handles, so that each lash-technician could choose a tool for himself – taking into account the technique in which heshe works, from the point of view of convenience and personal preferences.

The unique production technology, the use of high-quality medical steel, manual sharpening, and thorough polishing of working surfaces are the advantages of the new tweezers that we will demonstrate at the Sculptor Lash Championship.

Also, participants of the Championship can not only express themselves and master new techniques, but also receive valuable prizes from partners. STALEKS PRO will give Sculptor Lash beauty boxes with new professional tweezers.

Sculptor Lash
- Over 300 participants from around the world;
- Judges are practicing lash-technicians, laureates of international competitions and teachers;
- 4 main nominations and more than ten additional;

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