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STALEKS at the exhibition “Beauty Technologies – XXI century” in Odessa, Ukraine

May 15-17, 2019, the 22nd International Specialized Exhibition “Beauty Technologies - XXI Century” will be held in Odessa (Ukraine)

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Within the framework of the exhibition “Technology of Beauty – XXI Century” events for professionals working in the beauty industry will be held: forums, conferences, professional competitions, training programs. For a wider audience will be held shows and presentations.

STALEKS company for the first time participates in the exhibition together with the DOMINANTA store (Odessa) Together we will demonstrate achievements in the field of nail service, in particular, in the production of professional tools for manicure, pedicure, and podology.

The exhibition “Technologies of Beauty – XXI Century” is associated with modern achievements of science, high technologies, professionalism, aesthetics, health, quality of life, with what makes people happy.

A detailed program of the exhibition is available on the official website of “Technology of Beauty – XXI century”.

• More than 2400 sq. M. exhibition area;
• 7 thousand experts of the beauty industry;
• Hundreds of companies that represent the products and technologies of the beauty industry;
• Hundreds of new products;
• More than 15 areas of the beauty industry.

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