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STALEKS at the VI International Congress of Podologists in Lviv (Ukraine)

On August 19-20, 2019, the sixth International Congress of Podologists will be held in Lviv (Ukraine). This event brings together experts from different countries. Podologists, orthopedists, kinesiologists, dermatologists, massage therapists, rehabilitation specialists, medical pedicure technicians…Everyone will find a lot of useful and exciting!

In their lectures, speakers will raise the following issues:

  • Partial excision of the matrix or orthonyxia of ingrown toenails? (50 min)
  • Viruses, bacteria, skin fungus. What the technicians of manicure and pedicure do not know about (40 min). 
  • Foot biomechanics. The occurrence of common foot problems. Causes and consequences (40 min).
  • Podology in the global network (40 min).
  • Side effects of chemotherapy in podiatry practice. (40 min).
  • Corns and warts, recognition methods. Demo: Hollow scalpel work (55 min).
  • Children and adolescents hyperhidrosis (25 min).
  • Legs swelling. Passive cardiovascular training (70 min)
  • The use of keratolytic agents for podiatry problems and their effect on the skin (40 min).
  • Podiatry interview. Work with a client card (95 min).

As a leading professional tool manufacturer, STALEKS cannot miss this specialized event.This month, the STALEKS PRO brand introduced a new line of podiatry instruments. The PODO series consists of nippers for cut an overgrown nail plate, skin nippers for removing corns and cuticles, splinter tweezer, a handle for a scalpel and pedicure pusher.

Having launched the line, STALEKS became the first company in Ukraine to produce professional podiatry instruments.At the Sixth International Congress of Podologists, STALEKS will present a new series to specialists, hold a prize draw and tell the features of each instrument.

On the event page on Facebook, you can ask the organizers questions and find out more information.

The VI International Congress of Podologists is:
- 2 days of lectures, seminars and workshops on podology;
- 3 halls for events;
- Exhibition and sale;
- Live communication;
- Networking and communication with specialists in their industry.

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