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STALEKS at the Ukrainian Championship UUP in Kiev

On September 19-20, 2019, the largest beauty championship of the UUP (Union of Ukrainian Professionals) will be held in Kiev.  The event will be held at 22th times. The directions of the championship relate to the most popular branches of the beauty industry: hairdressing, nail aesthetics, makeup and eyebrow modeling.

For the championship, there is a strict selection of competitors. Only professionals and true experts in their field will be able to demonstrate their skills in the chosen nomination. Technicians who have already managed to participate in other contests are allowed to participate in the Championship of Ukraine.

The peculiarity of this XXII Championship of Ukraine is a unique grand prix – participation in the World Cup of the OMC 2020 in Paris!  For the first time, UUP gives participants the opportunity to reach the world level and demonstrate himself at such a large-scale event.

For the third time, the Ukrainian manufacturer of professional tools STALEKS PRO supports the Ukrainian Championship UUP. We prepare exclusive gifts for the winners, and also offer a good discount on our tools.

Nominations of the XXII Championship of Ukraine UUP:
Nail aesthetics;
Eyebrow Modeling;

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