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Choosing the best scissors size

Lifehack from STALEKS PRO

Brand manager of the "Scissors" category. I'll tell you about the best helper in the fight against cuticles.

In the article “The health of the master – the basis of professionalism, we mentioned that an improperly selected tool affects the well-being of the nail stylist, their productivity, and comfort during work. These are important points because the tool should be an assistant in work and not an obstacle.

The range of professional tools STALEKS PRO includes many models of cuticle scissors: they differ in size, design, features of the cutting part. During the development of the instrument, STALEKS PRO technologists take into account all individual aspects so that the scissors fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and long work does not bring pain.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Why is it important to choose a pair of scissors for your palm-size?
  • What kind of health problems nail stylists can avoid if they choose the right scissors?
  • What does the brand offer to facilitate the search for “those” scissors?


Tool Selection and Health Concerns

At training courses, future nail stylists are told that choosing a tool is a purely individual moment.

Crucial here is the size of the palm. Small scissors are suitable for a little hand, and larger scissors will ideally fall into a palm with long fingers. It is an aspect of comfort: with an appropriate tool, you can quickly get used to the process of the cuticle removing accurately without risking to injury the client.


Chronic discomfort will not only spoil the mood and pleasure from work but can also unpleasantly come back in the future. Tunnel syndrome (tunnel neuropathy) is an extremely unpleasant disease, damage to the peripheral nerves due to pressure in the musculoskeletal canals.

According to statistics, more than a third of nail stylists experience the first signs of tunnel syndrome. Check yourself:

  • Feeling of numbness or tingling in the area of the hand, thumb, and forefinger;
  • High fatigue of the hand;
  • The increase in pain in the arm by night;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Swelling of the joints;
  • Numbness of the skin, the feeling of “goosebumps”;
  • Long and intense pains of a dull nature that pass into the forearm and shoulder (in advanced cases).

Previously, it was believed that this is a typical “professional” disease of those who constantly work with their hands: beauty stylists, musicians, cameramen. Tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of monotonous hand movement and prolonged high pressure. Ignoring the first signs can lead to irreversible damage to the median nerve and impaired function of the hand.

Even for the sake of your favorite profession, you should not endure pain and risk your health! After all, today, there are many ways to make your life easier and prevent irreparable. The first thing to do is to check if your scissors fit you in size.


How to choose the perfect scissors according to palm-size?

STALEKS PRO offers three sizes of scissors: S (small), M (medium), L (large).

  • Small scissors include models SX-11/1 (Exclusive line), SE 10/1, and SE 20/1 (Expert), SS-10/2 (Smart).
  • Medium-sized scissors are models SE 10/2 (Expert), SS-20/1 (Smart). You can also include the SX-11/1 scissors from the Exclusive line 
  • Large scissors are presented by models SX-10/2 and SX-11/2 (Exclusive), SE 10/3 (Expert).

We understand that you do not always have the opportunity to come to the store and “touch” the scissors you like, grab them in your hand, and evaluate the convenience. Many nail technicians order the tool online.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing and make a successful online purchase, STALEKS PRO offers this option: use a convenient cheat sheet. It is a PDF file, on one sheet of which a full-size palm is drawn, and on the other, the most convenient scissors for this size of the hand are indicated.

How it works: a nail stylist puts his palm on the card and determines his hand size. We have calculated everything in detail, so we are sure that such a cheat sheet will help you select your ideal scissors.

Such cards will find their place in training courses or offline stores of professional tools.


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