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Nail care after gel polish removing

basic procedures and tools

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For many years, gel polish does not lose their positions and remains at the peak of popularity among fashion-monger. However, the first impression of  beautiful design can be deceptive and have nothing to do with the health of nails. Under the lacquer layer, roughness and cracks may appear, and the nail plate completely loses oxygen and moisture.

Nails can be harmed not only by the cosmetic habits of customers. Passion for gardening or the use of harsh chemicals during cleaning in the house can affect the health of nails and adversely affect both their appearance and the comfort of the owners of fashion manicure.

Despite all the concerns, there are many ways to remedy the situation. STALEKS PRO will consider in more detail what to do if the nails have lost their natural beauty and health.

How to avoid a “disaster”?

When applying a gel coat, it is essential to preserve the natural, attractive, and glossy shine of the nails. However, it is often necessary to use restorative procedures to save damaged and weakened nails.

Damage may be caused by poor-quality gel polish or improper removal. Coating removal is carried out in several ways:

  • by hardware – removal of gel polish by milling cutter for manicure;
  • by using solvent– cotton pads are moistened with a particular solution to give the gel a more supple texture. So it will be easier to remove from the surface of the nail.

An important role for the client will play the level of your professional qualification and what materials and tools are used both during manicure and when removing the gel coating.

STALEKS PRO is a brand of professional tools for various areas of the beauty industry. In our catalog, you can find a suitable and convenient tool for work. Scissors, nippers, pushers, nail and foot files for a pedicure are made of high-quality medical steel, making them easy to disinfect and sterilize.


Basic care after gel polish removing 

  1. Use the nail buffer for nails. Slightly buff the bumps on the surface and notches on the edges to smooth them. It will help prevent further peeling and splitting of the nails.
  2. It is essential to always remember about moistening the nail plate. Rub in the cuticle oil into the nails and the skin around them. Strengthen the effect will help thick hand cream. The oils are well absorbed, and the cream helps to avoid loss of moisture.
  3. Nail treatment procedure.  This procedure helps to strengthen the nail plate and weak edges, and the bright pigments will help to mask any yellowing or dullness.
  4. Hand massage. This procedure not only gives pleasure to the client but also helps to restore damaged nails. Massage helps to stimulate blood flow, which increases the supply of vital nutrients.




How to return a healthy look to the nails?

So, after removing the manicure, you see a dry and flaky mess at the client. Do not worry, STALEKS PRO has selected several procedures for you that will help restore the strength and health of the nails.

In addition to the basic stages of nail care, there are various procedures to maintain the beauty of the skin and nails: peeling, paraffin baths, vitamin masks, and much more.


Moisturizing and roughness removal

We recommend starting with moisturizing the skin, cuticle, and nails. Use a moisturizing lotion, apply it on the skin of your hands and rub it in until completely absorbed.

If the surface of the nail plate is ribbed and there are any roughness on it, it can be smoothed with the help of a nail buffer.  Treat the nail in the direction of growth to prevent the destruction of the layers. Polishing will help protect the surface of the nail plate from cracking and dehydration.


Paraffin therapy

Then you can carry out the treatment with a paraffin bath. Before starting the procedure, apply a disinfectant to the client’s hands, fingers, and wrists to remove all surface contamination and bacteria.

Massage oil for skin and nails is rubbed into the client’s hands, fingers, and wrists. Each hand is gently and slowly immersed in paraffin for a few seconds.  After the wax has “hardened,” hands are dipped again in the bath.  The procedure is repeated several times, and then each hand is wrapped in a plastic liner, then terry gloves are worn.  After 5 minutes, paraffin can be removed from hands and fingers.

Paraffin wax helps to condition the skin, opening the pores and allowing massage and aromatherapy oils to penetrate deeper into the outer layer of the skin, and also helps moisturize the nail plate and cuticle. This procedure can become your calling card and create a positive image among clients.


Nail lamination

Nail lamination gel is one of the top beauty manicure products that help to restore exhausted and thin nails quickly.  It is applied under the gel to create a protective layer that does not dissolve even after removing the coating.

Lamination has a firming effect, allows you to make the surface of the nail smoother, accelerates its regeneration.  The coating is completely invisible and undetectable on the nails.



Acrylic will be the best assistant to the nail technician if the client has a damaged nail plate or broken nails. It allows you to strengthen and even restore a broken nail.  Working with acrylic will save you a lot of time because it dries in the air, and the gel coating will quickly and accurately “lie down.”



The best procedures to strengthen the nails

Beauty salons offer a variety of procedures aimed at restoring and strengthening the nail plate after removing gel polish.

Japanese manicure is a complex system of nail care, which includes several steps:

  • the first is disinfection (a mixture of Japanese seaweeds and beeswax is applied on the nail plate);
  • the second – the nail plate is rubbed with a regenerating mineral paste, which contains keratin, seaweeds and other natural ingredients;
  • the last stage – the final layer is applied to the nails, including medical polishing powder and wax.

This complex care consists solely of organic ingredients. The procedure has a strengthening effect on the nails, nourishes them with essential vitamins and minerals.

IBX System is an innovative solution in the beauty industry. It contributes to the regeneration of the nail plate from the inside, penetrating deep into the nail itself.

The complex consists of several components – a serum and a fixing agent. In a pair, they allow you to achieve the maximum effect. The formula is designed so that when applied to the nail, the substance enters into synthesis with the surface of the nails and becomes part of them. It gives its effect in the form of protection of the nail plates throughout the entire period of treatment.




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