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Hand and nail care at home

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Nail care is one of the most important and indispensable cosmetic procedures. Beautiful neat nails can become a real decoration for any day.

We already wrote about what nail art will be in trend this year and how to make manicure for short nails. But these were the bits of advice for nail technicians, and after all, not everyone attends the salon! Someone prefers to take care of their hands at home. It is important to know some rules so that the manicure looks neat, even if you give self-manicure.

Even the most stylish design will not be able to hide the careless form of nails, sloppy cuticles, or other flaws. Therefore, you need to regularly take care of your hands and maintain the good condition of the nails at home.


Basic habits for nail beauty

First of all, our health depends on proper nutrition, from which we get micronutrient. Make sure the diet is balanced – more fiber (fruits and vegetables), clean water, and whole-grain cereals. Healthy nails are, first of all, calcium. It is contained in sesame paste, tofu, almonds, cheeses. According to the doctor’s prescription, you can take a vitamin complex, but you should approach this issue responsibly: take tests and undergo a preliminary consultation.

We advise you to perform all household chores in special gloves. They protect against chemicals that can damage the nail plate and skin of the hands.

Even if you live in a country with a temperate climate, do not forget to moisturize your skin and nails with creams or oils additionally. It will help keep your hands skin youthful.

What should be a neat manicure?

The main task of care is the constant care for the health and a neat appearance. If you do this regularly, then such a procedure does not take much effort and time. The result will not keep you waiting – your nails will look beautiful and well-groomed.

What do healthy nails look like? The nail plate has a soft pink tint without any damage, deformation, or delamination. The cuticle is almost invisible – it does not occupy half of the nail (we exaggerate, of course), the skin around it has no torn edges or seals.

In order for the appearance of nails to give you pleasure and delight the eye, you need to do shape correction at least once a week. Choose the shape that will look most pleased with your type of hand.


The perfect manicure at home:

  1. Choosing and preparing a set of tools.

Good instruments are necessary not only for professional nail technicians but also for anyone who wants to achieve the perfect manicure at home.

The tool for home use is intended for one person, while the professional instruments of the nail technician must maintain its functional properties in constant use. At the same time, for a home manicure, do not neglect disinfection – dust, particles of skin and dirt can settle on the working parts of the tool.

What helpers will you need for a perfect manicure:

The manufacturer of high-quality tools STALEKS offers a range for home use. Nippers, scissors, pushers are made of medical steel, which is not susceptible to corrosion and, with proper care and storage, does not lose its functional properties.


2. Create a suitable atmosphere.

So, prepared the tool – chose it, bought it, disinfected it. Getting to the fun part!

Do you know what makes a manicure session in the salon so attractive? The atmosphere of relaxation! You sit comfortably in a chair, while a nail technician carefully conjures on your hands, and in an hour on your nails a real beauty! We offer to recreate the same relaxation atmosphere at home. Brew your favorite tea, turn on pleasant music, and go ahead, enjoy taking care of yourself.

You must admit that it is important to find time for yourself in the dynamic pace of modern life. Let such an hour ritual become your favorite meditative remedy from the blues!


3. We prepare the skin of hands and nails.

Well, the atmosphere was recreated. What’s next? We put our hands in a special container with a warm solution of water and sea salt. It is necessary for steaming the skin of the hands and cuticles. Only 10 minutes are enough to prepare the nails for further beauty manipulations.


4. Do a hygienic manicure.

Next is a matter of technique and dexterity. We process the cuticle (we move it and / or cut it), remove unnecessary skin around the nail plate, file the nails, give them the desired length and shape. In a word, we give a hygienic self-manicure. Here you can not do without a suitable tool, which we have selected in advance.

Give perfectly beautiful self-manicure will help you with the professional advice of tel technicians.

For example, a master Alina Agafonova will tell you how to skillfully cut a cuticle with one strip or how to make an almond-shaped shape of nails. Asya Gubareva will reveal the secrets of classic manicure – how to achieve the perfect result in cutting technology. Everything is not as scary as it might seem!

The first time, perhaps you will encounter difficulties – the manicure will not be neat enough, but after all, the first step is always the hardest! Over time, the necessary experience will come.


5. Do a decorative manicure.

The final stage of manicure is coating. You can do without this stage: many appreciate the naturalness and want their nails just to look neat and well-groomed. If you want to emphasize your image and add brightness, you can apply nail polish of your favorite shade.

This should be done gradually, waiting until the previous layer dries well. Choose high-quality varnishes so that after removal the condition of the nails does not worsen.


How to buy the perfect tool?

With STALEKS instruments, nail care will seem like a real art. Even at home! If you do not want to buy the tool separately, in the STALEKS catalog you can choose a manicure set with everything you need. It is fast, convenient and economical!

When buying tools, you need to pay attention to such important aspects:

  1. Which model of nippers or scissors will be most convenient for you to use;
  2. How to sterilize and disinfect the instrument;
  3. How to properly store the tool so that it does not lose sharpness;
  4. What kind of nail file fits your nails.

By following the links, in our blog you will find the answers to these questions! The quality of the procedure, the life of the tools and your health depend on this.

Now you do not need to spend time waiting for the procedure to the nail technician. You can give a self-manicure!

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