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Micro scissors for a manicure

Features of an unusual tool

Brand manager of the "Scissors" category. I'll tell you about the best helper in the fight against cuticles.

To create beauty and to correctly perform the work of a nail technician, not only knowledge from continuing education courses and extensive experience, but also professional tools help. Without them, any technician as like without hands!

The modern market offers a wide variety of tools for manicure and pedicure. The choice today is not limited to classic scissors and a nail file. Today, a self-respecting technician has a whole set of “helpers,” one of which is micro scissors.

I think many people are familiar with this unusual tool, which looks like tweezers and scissors. The cutting part of the micro scissors looks like standard nail scissors. But instead of the usual little rings on the end, there are two interlocking plates.

STALEKS PRO was already preparing an extensive review article on the types of scissors, and we only mentioned in passing about micro scissors. It’s time to talk in more detail! What does this unusual micro scissors design give? Why should a nail technician, if not love ( depend on everyone’s preference!), Then at least try this tool? And how to sharpen micro scissors so that the instrument delights with its sharpness longer?


What do the micro scissors are?

Micro scissors is a tool that was originally used in microsurgery. Lightweight and maneuverable, it helped to carry out operations to separate the thinnest tissues successfully.

Micro scissors came to the beauty industry relatively recently but immediately became popular among professionals due to their ease of use and lightweight.

In manicure, they are used to cut the cuticle, as well as the usual scissors with thin and curved cutting perts.

Unlike conventional cuticle scissors, micro scissors do not have standard finger rings. The handles are more like tweezers in design, which allows you to hold the tool with two fingers. Nail technicians admit that when working with the micro scissors hand gets tired less, and this is an essential advantage of the tool! Especially it’s important for manicurists with a large flow of clients.


How to work with micro scissors?

It takes practice to work with any tool, and microscissors are no exception. Non-standard handles can be confusing at first, but they have their advantages:

  • Rings of conventional scissors can squeeze or rub the skin of your fingers. Micro scissors do not have this problem – the nail technician will be able to work longer without discomfort;
  • Microscissors have a return stroke. The handles themselves open the cutting edges, and the micro scissors do not need to be returned to their original position, opening like scissors.

Any hygienic manicure involves working with nails and cuticles. First, the manicurist removes the old gel coating, if necessary, cuts off or forms a shape of the nail plate. The next stage – the cuticle is pushed to the base of the nail plate with a manicure pusher. Then, using a manicure hatchet, it is necessary to remove pterygium (the lower layer of the cuticle, which is adjacent to the nail plate).

Time to take advantage of micro scissors! It goes like this:

  1. It is necessary to bring the lower cutting blade under the cuticle, holding the microscissors with two fingers;
  2. By smoothly pressing, using small “steps,” remove excess skin;
  3. Repeat the movement, describing the arc;
  4. Treat the base of the nail plate with cuticle oil at the end of the procedure.

Our friends from the training center “Anturazh” filmed a video on how to do combined manicure using micro scissors from STALEKS PRO. Share with you!


The advantages of STALEKS PRO micro scissors

The range of professional tools from STALEKS PRO offers 3 types of cuticle micro scissors. The micro scissors of the Expert series from STALEKS PRO are made of stainless medical steel, professionally sharpened and have three lengths of handles. The nail technician will be able to choose for himself the tool with the most comfortable length.

Let’s talk about the advantages. The STALEKS PRO tool has more than enough of them:

  • For the manufacture of micro scissors, high-quality medical steel grade 40X13 is used. The material is resistant to damage and the formation of corrosion.
  • Sharpening is done by professionals exclusively manually. Due to this, the blades retain their sharpness for a long time.
  • Careful polishing of the back surface of the cutting parts ensures their complete closure and soft stroke.
  • The optimal size of the tool provides a good view of the cutting line and a convenient hand position.

With professional cuticle micro scissors, the quality of work will always be impeccable! We offer you to watch a video about our micro scissors – we show in detail how the models 90, 91, and 92 of the Expert series differ.

The features of caring for STALEKS PRO micro scissors

A professional manicure tool requires special care.

Micro scissors are highly sensitive to falling or mechanical stress. When they hit the surface, their nose can become dull and bend, which means that repair is inevitable.

Eliminate these and other defects is not for everyone. Such work is similar in complexity to jewelry. The sharpening specialists will provide a full range of services for the high-quality restoration of manicure micro scissors. The craftsmen are helped by the special ADEMS equipment and solid work experience to perform work at a high level.

It is very important to properly organize and sharpen micro scissors. Do not do this by yourself because this procedure has many “pitfalls.” For example, you can damage the cutting edges, scratch the tool, and loosen it’s “joint,” because of which micro scissors can be immediately thrown away. Only a real sharpening master will perform all the necessary operations so that the tool serves to the nail technician for a long time.

Micro scissors are comfortable due to their unusual shape. The pointed bent blade provides access to the skin in the most inaccessible places. Micro scissors are a professional tool, but thanks to a well-thought-out design, beginners can quickly master working with them.

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