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STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

Professional masters, breathtaking interior, pleasant music, an individual approach, an amazing atmosphere of beauty and bliss – all this can be obtained in the beauty salon. In one place you can undergo relaxing SPA procedures, make manicure and pedicure, sign up for hairdressing and massage.

Despite the fact that you can take care of nails and skin of your hands at home, many people still prefer to go to an expensive beauty salon. The attention that the masters give to the client, and the relaxation that comes during the favorite procedure, raise the spirits and make you feel special.

Especially for those who like to feel “at the height”, STALEKS has prepared the “top most-most” beauty salons in the world. We selected the best salons according to the following criteria: rating, availability of innovative and trend procedures, qualification of masters, clientele (number of entries, “star” clients) and interior design.

We will tell you about unique places of its kind, where you can get a full range of procedures and even get acquainted with media celebrity.



Exclusive house of beauty, the style of which reflects the refined taste of the owner Joel Mardian – famous TV star and make-up artist. Three years in a row the salon has become the best according to the World SPA Awards – the world-famous award in the beauty industry.

An interesting fact – on TV channel MVS1 Maison de Joelle appeared in his own rubric in a reality show! Every week in the “Joelle” program, viewers watch the reincarnation of the characters.

The salon Maison de Joelle Jumeirah is located on the 3rd floor of the Kempinski Hotel in the large mall of the Emirates. Professional masters will provide a wide range of services, from creating spectacular hairstyles and evening makeup to relaxing spa treatments and even tattoos.

As for nail art, in the salon you can sign up for a classic edging or French manicure and pedicure. Prices, by the way, are quite acceptable for such a rich country as the Emirates – about 100 dirhams ($ 27). Separately, you will have to pay a coating application: 50 dirhams ($ 14) for a single-color nail art and higher, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

The procedures in Maison de Joelle are recorded as celebrities: the regular clients are the journalist Souhair al-Qaisi, actress Lindsay Lohan, and the televisor Kim Kardashian,





From the hot Emirates we move to cool Europe, namely London, where one of the famous beauty salons is located. The Ritz is located on the 7th floor of the hotel on Piccadilly Street, from the windows of which a picturesque view of the Green Park opens.

In the salon, you can sign up for face and body skin care, massage, spa. The services can be used by both hotel guests and any visitors. The Ritz Masters use a series of skin and hair care products that are 100% organic.

Qualified nail masters for $ 30 will make you a manicure in the European (edged) technique. The procedure includes the treatment of the cuticle, file the nail under a special form, the use of exfoliating scrubs and lotions. A manicure with a monochrome gel polish will cost $ 40, but you can choose less budget options. We already wrote about a stunning gold manicure for $ 120, which you can sign up for at The Ritz Salon.



It is difficult to imagine how the network of a branded beauty salon can grow. Founded in 1922, today Regis has branches in 30 countries — more than 10,000 stores worldwide!

Despite this magnitude, Regis Corporation focuses not only on “star” customers, but on people with average incomes. Anyone can enroll in the salon and get a stylist consultation, which, by the way, is free.

Despite the fact that the history of Regis began with the idea of providing high-quality hairdressing services, at the moment in the salon you can undergo various procedures for body, hand, face and hair care. Manicure is no exception: the basic procedure is done with the cuticle moving away (it is the uncut technique that is common in the USA without using scissors or pliers!), Nails are cut and cut, and high-quality gel polishes are used to cover. At the end of the manicure, the masters do hand massage and moisturize the hands and cuticle with special oil.



Once 24-times gold, diamonds and pearls were meant for jewelery, but now indulgent masters of Images Luxury Lounge can decorate your nails with them. A unique procedure “Laksheri” manicure provides uncut nail care technique, varnishing and applying precious stones to your taste and budget, hand massage using lavender lotion.

The most “cheap” –Neal Art for $ 500 using 4-10 diamonds. The next level is “gold rush”, a manicure for $ 2500 – $ 10,000. This amount includes not only varnish with particles of real 24-carat gold, but also champagne, French pastries and a personal manicure kit as a gift. Know, than to entice the client!

In addition to manicure and pedicure made of precious stones, in the salon Luxury Luxury Lounge have treatments for the eyebrows, eyelashes and skin of the face. Prices are not as cosmic as a diamond or gold manicure – within $ 40, depending on the complexity of the procedure.



Beauty Center DOLORES collected a constellation of world-class professional masters. 10 world champions, 5 European champions, 2 Eastern European champions, 4 Russian champions, 1 Moscow champion and 1 American champion – all work in the same beauty salon. Looking at such a titled composition of masters, you immediately realize that you fell “into those hands”. DOLORES specialists regularly perform with show-shows and master classes, maintain their professional level and are trained in world schools.

This professional approach has interested many representatives of the Russian elite: politicians, businessmen, artists and sports. Attracts rich customers and fashionable interior of the cabin – the style of a historic mansion of the XIX century with beautiful marble staircases, a huge golden chandelier, glass tables and leather sofas.

In the beauty salon DOLORES you can undergo any procedure for hair, skin and nails care. Masters of the nail industry will embody a unique design and make a neat manicure (the price is about 5000 rubles – $ 75), will provide nail extension service (8000 rubles – $ 120), make a pedicure (4500 rubles – $ 68).



France is the birthplace of beauty and femininity, and Paris is the capital of luxury, romance and luxury.

In one of the best Paris Hilton hotels there is a real SPA-paradise, in which individual procedures are available from professional beauticians, makeup artists, manicurists and stylists.

The cost of services in this center is impressive. For a day of paradise relaxation and a full range of procedures you can pay from 1000 euros. Cosmetic manipulations on average cost about 150 euros, manicures and pedicures with the development of individual design can be done for 140 euros. For regular customers there are discounts – moreover, for guests there is no such thing as a “queue”. The wizard will be available at any time convenient for the client.



Beauty salon IL COLPO opened in 2011. The architecture of the building with huge windows in the full height of the front wall allows you to admire the picturesque view of Victoria Harbor.

Inside the real cyberspace: furniture in the style of “liquid metal”, the division of the salon into three sections depending on the services provided: for hair care procedures, for nail art and manicure, a spa center section.

The nail service at IL COLPO includes traditional manicure and pedicure, helium coatings, and nail art with precious stones. Prices are considered acceptable by Chinese standards: $ 230 for a manicure with a coating, almost twice as much ($ 430) for a pedicure, from $ 350 for therapeutic manipulations for the hands and feet (massage, relaxing baths, acupuncture).


Have you ever been to these salons or are you dreaming to visit? How can you assess the level of service in such luxury places, is it worth overpaying for “heavenly pleasure” and relaxation? Do not forget that the guarantee of a high-quality manicure is not a fashionable salon and expensive varnishes with gold particles, but the professionalism of the master and a good tool. The STALEKS PRO brand offers durable products from high-quality medical steel. In our catalog are available tools for different areas of the beauty industry, so that each master can find for himself the most convenient and suitable.

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