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New EXPERT tweezers series for perfect eyebrow shape


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I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows require a professional approach. When it comes to shaping stylish eyebrows and removing unwanted hairs, only the use of proper instruments can guarantee that the customer is satisfied with the duration and overall comfort of the procedure. STALEKS PRO, a Ukrainian manufacturer of professional beauty instruments, presents the EXPERT series – our new range of eyebrow tweezers. Made of high-quality medical-grade steel, the instruments are available in several colors (metallic, red, violet and turquoise). Two types of working edges have different application: pointed tweezers are used to remove ingrown hairs, and the narrow slanted edges capture several hairs at a time, allowing to swiftly shape even very thick eyebrows.

New tweezers by STALEKS PRO are designed to bestow comfort and beauty brought to perfection. Key features of tweezers:

  • Practical and durabledue to use of corrosion-resistant medical-grade steel
  • Easy to operateworking edges pinch flawlessly and allow to grip hairs of any length
  • Double-side sharpeningof internal and external surface of tweezers
  • Soft and smooth strokedue to special connection design
  • Pleasant to the touch matte finish
  • Ergonomic shapeguarantees comfortable fit in your hand
  • Stylish, aesthetically attractive design(metallic and bright turquoise finish options)
  • Two sizes of tweezersfor convenient use: compact and optimal.

With new tweezers it is incredibly easy to remove unwanted hairs, giving the eyebrows a well-groomed appearance and perfect shape. The variety of shapes of working edges, sizes, and colors will allow the beautician to choose the perfect eyebrow tweezers based on their taste preferences and professional needs.

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