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Exclusive titanium manicure pusher by STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

We are so proud of our Exclusive line – it is a tool for real pros, for people who love the profession and want to achieve only the best results.

A new, unique product has been added to the line of exclusive tools – a titanium manicure pusher. This is a tool of premium quality, and it was due to the material that we were able to achieve excellent technical indicators.


What are the features of the material?

Titanium is lightweight and durable. Making a tool out of steel, we always strove to achieve the perfect balance: to make it durable (able to withstand regular sterilization, resistant to corrosion and daily stress) and at the same time lightweight. It is important that the nail stylist during the manicure does not get tired and does not feel uncomfortable feelings in the palm at the end of the working day.

Titanium is a new material for us. In the beauty industry (and especially in manicure) it was not used before, but was mainly used in rocket science or medicine.

Not every factory will agree to the production of manicure tools from titanium, because not everyone knows how to work with such metal. Unlike the usual 40×13 steel, titanium does not lend itself to easy processing, it is refractory, it is chopped in production and not cut – it cannot be cut with a circular saw. To work with such steel, special production conditions and a team with a high level of professionalism are needed.

But we took a chance, and decided to submit a new tool for the nail stylists – a titanium manicure pusher. It is an lightweight and at the same time durable tool capable of withstanding all sterilization circles.


Features of Exclusive Titanium Manicure Pusher

A small “chemical” fact: during the transformation from a single piece of titanium into an elegant manicure pusher, the metal goes through the oxidation stage.As a result, the finished tool becomes pink or purple.This is NOT DYEING, not applying a bright layer to the metal – this is the natural color of the scapula.

Accordingly, neither sterilization nor any other manipulations with the pusher will spoil the appearance and violate this beautiful pigment. Small stains may appear, but they also do not spoil the aesthetic appearance, but only confirm the authenticity of the material.

There are similar “colored” tools on the market, but this is often titanium spraying on steel.  You can verify the authenticity of titanium by putting the pusher to the magnet – the tool will not be magnetized.

The working parts are classic: pusher and hatchet. Neil stylists often use spatulas of this shape.


Reliable professional tool

A titanium manicure pusher is a tool for nail stylists who are willing to experiment in their work, who value and love their tool and use good materials of premium quality.

The Exclusive series of titanium manicure pusher has been released in a limited edition and may become a unique tool of the nail stysiat.

Do not miss the opportunity to conduct a revolution in manicure and achieve perfect results!

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