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SVETLANA DOTSENKO: “Stand and win. How did I participate in the nail championships? ”

Nail technician with experience of over 2.5 years (Kyiv).
She worked in a manicure studio and at home, now I try myself in teaching (modeling courses, art painting, nail extension).
Participated in Ukrainian and Russian championships, won prizes. I have about 25 medals for participation and victories in the iconic nail championships (Nails of the day, On`nail, etc.)

Hot manicure greetings to everyone!

I wanted to talk to you, but about what?  What topic will you be interested in? What excites you and makes you wonder? Most likely for all of us, it must touch our hearts. So let’s start our acquaintance with what affects me, what makes me move forward, what keeps me awake at night 🙂 I will tell you about our business – manicure!

I came to the profession (I would even say: “To the best profession!”), Like, probably, 80% of nail technicians – from anywhere, but not from the nail school … In the nail industry, I managed to combine earnings, creativity, communication, and professional growth! But I can’t sit in one place for a long time – I need to experiment always. I wanted to not only make “complex” designs fantasize, to extension the nails. And also … I also wanted a medal, a cup, a diploma, confessions. I wanted to be among the best, among the eminent nail technicians! Oh, how I wanted 🙂

In general, there was only one road – to the Championship (God, I have goosebumps due to the memories). But it is not as easy as it may seem.“The main thing is not victory, but participation,” some will say. Perhaps, but not for me! I have to win, and I want to stand on a pedestal, I want to be proud of my work and myself. I want, I want, I want !!!  And now … the first championship, three nominations on the field, a lot of nail technicians and models, judges, an exhibition, nerves at the limit, hands are shaking (and it was also necessary to draw a french). In short, I did not win in any category …

And this was the first turning point. You can take offense at all: the judges (“Biased judge!”), model (“she has curved fingers !), on a polish or a lamp (“the polish did not lay down right and did not dry completely”), or you can do it on yourself (“You can’t do anything! Stay at home!”). And, on the contrary, it is possible to study even more diligently, improve qualifications, find the “very same red one,” change the lamp, take the courses.

It is what I did. First, second courses, extension, modeling, advanced training … Well, I really wanted a medal !!!

Фотографии со страницы Светланы в Инстаграм @veta_beautynails

And here is the second championship: unfamiliar Kharkov, other people. I left the zone of all possible comfort. And this has its charm – you feel like a pioneer.

And now – hurray, the first medal! And all this is like a drug that is impossible to get off!:) You want more and more … You understand that the efforts were not in vain, your work was liked, appreciated, noticed. The third championship and again a medal, but not one, there were two! New cities, new acquaintances, unique experience, new knowledge – this is interesting, it captures, fascinates.

Then there were still many championships and many victories.  But now I would like not to brag (I’m lying, of course I would, ahaha), but this later, let’s talk about “pitfalls”.

So, getting out of the comfort zone is half the battle. It is important not to wear a crown! Of course, you need to know your worth and keep up appearances. But it should be a “princess” crown, small and neat, and not a “Monomakh hat” – a heavy, voluminous one that slips over your eyes, fogs the mind and does not adequately assess your strength. And as soon as you put this “giant from the vanity parade” on your head, that’s all.  At once, you will start to fly down, roll head over heels, and end up in the smoke.

The main thing here is to quickly come to your senses, remove all unnecessary stuff, pull yourself together in the very hands that recently worked wonders, and received medals. Calm down and again begin to work hard, honestly assessing the quality of your work and everything will drop back into its rut.

But there is one more “but.” Have you ever asked yourself, can you overcome a loss correctly? I always admired people who can lose beautifully, recognizing that someone turned out to be more talented, more diligent, more diligent. By the way, this quality refers to life in general, and to championships in particular. I have a friend, a very good girl, kind, sympathetic, but completely unable to lose. She worries, so much that the vibrations of these experiences diverge tens of meters around. I would say self-digging begins. It made me think what I feel after losing. I perceive it as a personal tragedy or as shortcomings on my part; do lightning fly from me in all directions, or can a mean tear be enough? It turned out that I was worrying, sobbing in my heart, but I didn’t show it in public. But then I move that feeling away, calm down, and realize that somewhere I do not have enough creativity, unfinished something, un … Or maybe someone was better, with a better job, an exciting idea … And perhaps both are right 🙂

And at this moment I usually take myself in hand, let go the situation, relax a bit and get to work again. Somewhere I “pull up” something, learn something, analyze what I missed, and prepare for the new championship!

And you know, the words of the judges and the elders that we are all great, we came to the championship, and this already makes us the winners! Winners over ourselves, over our fears, laziness …

On the other hand, “VENI, VIDI, VICI” – the rule of three “V”. Yes, yes, “I came, I saw, I won”! And it is right! In the end, we buy materials, and we spend time studying, taking courses, working out, bringing models, paying for travel and accommodation, participation. It would be, at least insulting, not to compensate for this, half of the effort, time and money spent.

So my deep conviction that you have to go initially with a mindset for winning. And participation for the sake of participation is good where friendship wins. Healthy excitement and desire to succeed are pushing us towards development, improvement, and opening up new opportunities. And then, looking back, you realize that this is not enough – you see a road that is not even halfway through. There is no limit to perfection, and there is still a lot of exciting things ahead, something that you have not seen or noticed before.

When I just decided to try myself in the championship, one person said to me such a thing: “Sveta, what is distance learning? Which is an art school? People are preparing for it for YEARS!” It was at that very moment that I understood: the more resistance, the more desire I have to do in my way. This stubbornness or obstinacy – judge for yourself ….But it was after these words that I won the first medal, mix media. As I was told, the nail technicians do not really like this nomination. Because the techniques mix is needed in it, and it is more creative, not “wearable” in everyday life, but I liked it. It has no boundaries for fantasy.

So, summing up. Girls, treat everything easily but do not “linger in one place.” Develop, strive, let the most fabulous dreams came true, and do not be afraid that someone will judge you. It’s important that YOU know “how”, and YOU can, even if it seems to someone stupid, naive, or something else … If the Fairy Manicure has endowed you with such a talent, do not upset her, go ahead and everything will work out for you!

In the name of a nail file, for the glory of the pusher. ☺

Your Sveta.

Dotsenko Svetlana, KIEV

Nail technician with experience of 2.5 years. I worked in a manicure studio, and at home, now I`m trying myself in teaching (modeling courses, art painting, nail extension).

I participated in the Ukrainian and Russian championships, won prizes.About 25 medals for participation and victory in significant nail championships (Nails of the day, On`nail, etc.)

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