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Svetlana Dotsenko: «Clients are so different but very beloved»


Nail technician with experience of over 2.5 years (Kyiv).
She worked in a manicure studio and at home, now I try myself in teaching (modeling courses, art painting, nail extension).
Participated in Ukrainian and Russian championships, won prizes. I have about 25 medals for participation and victories in the iconic nail championships (Nails of the day, On`nail, etc.)

Hot manicure greetings to everyone!

Did you miss me? Me too! Well, let’s talk about our favorite clients! And those who are always late, and those who arrive on time, and those who come very early. About those who know better how to do coverage/manicure/ nail extension, and about those who do not care (make her beautiful, she’s glad about everything because you are the queen of manicure for her). About those who have “complicated hands,” and those whose nail plate is fifteen millimeters (you can even take her to the championship)! About talkers (oh, how many secrets we know, how many interesting stories about a girlfriend, husbands, husbands of friends, and a possible recent visit by extraterrestrials to our planet). And about silent people (couldn’t pull out words from her, you can torture her, she won’t tell anything). In general, about everyone … Different, but always loved!

  Do you know what the worst thing was for me when I just started my manicure path? It`s communication! No, I’m lying … The worst thing was to cut the cuticle – how could a living person be prodded with scissors? 😅Communication is the second “worst thing.” How to communicate with clients, what to talk about? To be silent or chat without incessantly? What about the topics? After all, there are those whom are not worth touching.

We are all different, and we have a different opinion, it is natural. And we all love and want our point of view to be considered as correct. But the situation when “a manicurist fought with a client” is suitable for YouTube or a criminal chronicle 😜 This will gain a lot of likes, views, and comments, but we don’t need such a hype!

I can directly see this bad scene: I am in a mask and gloves, with a manicure pusher I rush at the disheveled client, spilled gel polishes are lying around us, and an inverted drying lamp blinks nervously in the corner with diodes. Other technicians and their clients with bulging eyes and screech scatter in the corners (and if someone gives a pedicure … on the heels, so not to smear not dried gel polish!), Recording it all on video or broadcast live in a social network. And the client and I, up to a wheeze, argue who is better: Stas Mikhailov or Oleg Vinnik? Ahhh, laugh 😂.

Even in championships, topics of politics, religion, and military are prohibited. But live communication is an entirely different thing. It is necessary to find the fine line of permissible topics with this particular client and go along it without turnings. A step to the left, a step to the right – and we run the risk of running into a misunderstanding. For myself, by the rule of thumb, by trial and error, I deduced a colloquially acceptable formula for all my favorite clients (after all, I have NO favorite ones)!

It sounds like this: “Let the human sound off!”

And almost immediately it becomes clear what to talk about. But it is not exactly.😜

I like to listen more. Well, maybe not like, I prefer … Just for me; so you do not “plunge” into an awkward situation. But just listening does not always work!

I had a client, a sweet, calm girl. She came for nail extension, but not alone, but with a small daughter. Well, it happens that there’s nowhere to leave a child. I got ready for: “Well, maaaam, well, let’s go home! Well, when will we go?” But not everything turned out to be so simple. The girl turned out to be one of those children whom I just want to scold (forgive me clients with children, but this is true). She climbed onto mom, on the table, in the gel, in the lamp, in the vase of sweets, said: “Let’s pick up all the sweets here, they will buy some more!” 😅 Oh, take it, and sit quietly and calmly, do not mind a bit!

But when this little devil with a fluffy tail (and her hair was on a non-dried gel more than once) began to talk about her grandma Galya …No, this is not the case when “My grandmother is the best, my grandmother is the most beautiful, the smartest!” No, it was: “Shit! Grandma Galya is SHIT! “And okay, if once or another, so no! Loudly, clearly and perfectly pronouncing each syllable! But when she saw that I wasn’t reacting (and NOT reacting was hellishly difficult, but I held on) to make it clearer and more audible, the girl climbed onto the table, closer to me and yelled that Baba Galya was shit! Her mother could not stand it any longer; she put the child back and said: “Calm down, aunt does not know grandma Galya.”

Oh, I laugh as I remember it all. Where are there without a sense of humor and steel nerves.

Or now, I am writing this article, of course at work, waiting for another late client. And she comes, but she just can’t get through everything calmly. It is the all-knowing client, she has been doing manicure for … already twenty years! Right now she’ll show you everything and tell you, she’ll pick up a nail file and she’ll clearly show you how to file the nails. 😂. The fact that you graduated from the courses, and then upgraded your qualifications in super refresher courses, she is not at all interested in! So, nail technician, hold your manicure horses. Who are you and what are you, in comparison with twenty years of experience visiting salons and doing manicures? But such are rare, although they are the most faithful, if you please her she is yours forever, where are you – there she is.

But the most beloved are those who then answer the question: “What shall we do?” “Oh, to your taste! Make me beautiful. I trust you! ” I usually answer this: “Well, you are risky!”. 😅Here I feel like a child who has reached for the sweets that my mother hid, but I still found them. Then I start to create! As the saying goes, hold me seven.

But most of all make me be enrage (excuse me, but it’s true) those who come, record and disappear! Technicians will understand me! Yes, everything happens …Various circumstances beyond our control. But there is a telephone, you can call, inform, or at least sent a message. The main thing is to warn!We are waiting, planning, we are not taking anyone for this time, we are waiting for you and only you, we are refusing everyone. Its cry of the soul turned out. It seems that our “lost” in the morning got up, washed, went to the wardrobe to choose clothes (she is getting ready, going, flying to her beloved manicurist for beautiful nails) and then … op and failed in Narnia  😮. and there is no connection. Our good ones, the only ones, beloved and long-awaited, well, please call, write, even send a dove! We worry and remember about you from the evening. And in the morning, opening our eyes, we think about you, because Katya / Kristina / Yana – will come for the manicure today and she wants a chic design, and we will create beauty.  And here is the catch!

In general, I love all my clients. They are all different and that’s great. An approach can and should be found for each, and this is psychology. It seems like a nail technician, but also a psychologist by vocation. I can go and write a dissertation on psychology and human relationships.

Well, I’m finishing the story and by all the rules of “Field of Miracles” I want to say hello to my beloved clients! 😉 And to the nail technicians, I wish smooth nails and non-striped polishes. In the name of a nail file, for the glory of the pusher. ☺ 

Your Sveta.

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