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Starter set for the nail technician – what is it?

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Being at the very start of a career, a manicurist may feel confused. Many questions need to be answered on the way to professional realization. One of these questions is how not to make a mistake when choosing a starting set of tools and materials for a manicure.  STALEKS will take a closer look at what kind of tool sets are and what a beginner beauty-master may need to create a basic set of tools and materials for a manicure.


What is a starter set for a nail technician?

There is a basic set of items and tools that are required for the work of a manicurist. If we analyze the stages of the procedure, we can determine the most important professional tools and equipment that the nail artist will need first.

It is essential not to forget that the tools must always be clean and sterile because of the safety of the manicurist and the client depends on it. Next step, the nail technician needs to put in the order of the client’s nails.  A further step is a cuticle removal; the remnants of the coating are removed, and the required shape of the nail plate is formed. Also, the choice of tools will depend on the type of manicure (in which way the specialist used to do the procedure – hardware or manual). The next step, the manicurist goes directly to creating the design and covering the nail surface with gel polish.  Besides, various auxiliary materials may be required, without which it is indispensable.

Let us consider in more detail the set of tools and materials for each stage.


Tools disinfection and sterilization

Do not neglect the sterilization step of the tools, because it is a guarantee of health. At first glance, processing with an antiseptic may seem like a sufficient method of sterilization. This option is only suitable for home use tools  – those that you use yourself and your family members.

If you are a professional and do a manicure every day to several people, be sure to take care of disinfection, cleaning, drying and sterilizing the tools. STALEKS has already shared the features of proper sterilization – every master should know these rules!

To disinfect the tools, you can use chemical solutions. You should always have at hand a solution to disinfect the skin. Also, the nail technician needs to carry out full sterilization of tools using a UV sterilizer or a high-temperature sterilizer. The sterilized devices should be stored in special sterile bags.


Manicure tools

There is a minimum set of items for a manicure, without which the master will not be able to work. Paying attention to the quality of the materials used is essential.   Every specialist knows that a well-sharpened tool helps in work. Professional tool STALEKS PRO is come useful even for a novice in the beauty industry. You study on your own or attend courses at nail schools – in any case, you need your tool. Basic set includes:

  • nippers for skin and scissors for a cuticle;
  • laser file or file with replaceable abrasives to create the shape of the nail plate;
  • pusher (spatula) to move the cuticle.

The manicure tool developed by the company meets all the needs of professionals in the nail industry. For nail-artist, it is easier to perform the procedure using ergonomic devices in the work. Habitual actions can be performed faster while putting in less effort. On the STALEKS website, you can find articles and reviews that will enable for the novice to solve complicated issues, for example, how to choose nippers for a beginner, or how to organize a workplace.


Gel polish and other materials

Gel Polish today at the peak of popularity and does not lose its position. Having defined the brand of polish, you need to get a certain color palette. Specialty stores offer ready-made sets. If you decide to do it yourself, it is important to get the most popular colors (at least 5): black, red, nude, pink, white, etc.

It is also important not to forget that the gel coating is a whole complex consisting of several layers tightly interconnected. Therefore, it is important to choose a compatible base, main tone and top. Note that the coating is different in type: it can be glossy, matte or with other effects.

In addition to the gel, additional solutions are required for processing the nail plate. Among them are primers, bonders and other fluids that degrease the surface of the nail to improve adhesion of materials to the surface.

It is important for nail-artist to be in trend to attract more clients. Also, It is essential to follow the novelties in the beauty industry and constantly update your standard set of materials.


Gel polish drying lamp

A manicure with gel coating cannot be performed without a nail-drying lamp. But to choose this device for a beginner manicurist is not an easy task. You need to understand the types of these devices and understand which one is right for you.

The gel coating is polymeric, so for its “freezing” light of a certain wave spectrum is necessary.  There are several types of such beauty equipment:

  • LED;
  • UV;
  • mixed type.

A beginner can choose any type of lamp, and with experience, it will become clear which one fits more. LED lamps have a longer service life, and drying in them takes 30 seconds. The UV lamp is well-suited for nails and has a democratic value.


Auxiliary items and materials

All of the above devices form the basis for the novice manicurist. In addition, some consumables and skin and nail care products are required.

Should additionally get:

  • soak bowl
  • cotton rounds;
  • lint-free cotton pads

Cosmetic products for skin care for the hands and cuticle are also necessary after performing all manicure procedures.

  • cuticle care oil;
  • water softener for the bath;
  • cuticle softener;
  • cream to moisturize the skin of the hands.

In fact, preparing a starter set for work is not difficult. As there is no such universal set, it is just necessary to have at hand all the components for applying a gel coating. And the starting set itself can be either assembled by yourself or purchased as ready.


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