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STALEKS at the Sharm Profi exhibition in Samara, Russia

Краткая информация

On October 4 – 7, 2019 in Samara (Russia), the 15th edition of the Interregional Specialized Exhibition CHARM Profi will be held. This event is for beauty industry professionals and people who can not imagine life without beauty and style.

The main directions of Sharm Profi:

  • Aesthetic cosmetology;
  • Professional cosmetics;
  • Manicure;
  • Hairdressing;
  • Massage technology;
  • Decorative cosmetics;
  • Makeup;
  • Equipment and accessories for beauty salons.

 In the program of the Sharm Profi exhibition, championships, seminars, workshops, and presentations in the areas of the beauty industry are planned.

Participants of the Sharm Profi exhibition have the opportunity to expand their dealer network, enter into distribution agreements, study the competitive environment, and create a positive image of the company among the target audience.

STALEKS is happy to support the event and participate in it, not the first time. In the exhibition area, we will demonstrate our tool and also provide sharpening services with an attractive price.

A detailed program is available on the official website of the Sharm Profi exhibition.

CHARM Profi is:
4 days immersion in the world of beauty;
More than 120 participating companies from different countries;
Nearly 8000 guests from the cities of Russia and Europe;
Over 40 specialized events;
4 championships for professionals;
Over 300 professional beauty brands.

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