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STALEKS at the gala conference “Podolog: Formula for Success” in Kiev, Ukraine

On September 18-20, 2019, the gala conference “Podolog: Formula for Success” will be held in the capital of Ukraine. This is a specialized event that brings together specialists in the field of podology and medical pedicure. The conference is being held as part of the Kiev Intercharm exhibition.

At the conference you will find:

  1. INTENSIVE FOR THE TREATMENT OF ONYCHOMYCOSIS with the German doctor of medicine Klaus Dieter Hinsch.
  2. SOLVING PROBLEMS IN THE FIELD OF VIOLATION OF THE BIOMECHANICS and curvature of the foot with the famous orthopedist Roman Bodio.
  3. NEW KNOWLEDGE ON EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF LYMPHATIC EDEMA from Jeanne Hawlik Bieber (Germany), which will help you increase your own income and image of the podologist.
  4. THE WORKSHOP DIRECTLY ON THE SCENE how to manufacture of cream and analysis of the composition of preparations from Aneta Olezhek (owner of the PODOPHARM brand)
  5. PROMOTION METHODS FOR PRIVATE TECHNICIANS and how to manage expenses to always stay profitable
  6. USEFUL MATERIALS WITH YOUR: manuals, directory, instructions, and catalogs from all speakers

As a leading professional tool manufacturer, STALEKS cannot miss this specialized event. This month, the STALEKS PRO brand introduced a new line of podology instruments. The PODO series consists of nippers for cutting a ingrown nail plate, nippers for calluses and cuticles removing, splinter tweezers, a handle for a scalpel and pedicure pusher.

Having launched the line, STALEKS became the first company in Ukraine that produce professional podology instruments. At the gala conference “Podolog: Formula for Success” STALEKS will present a new series to specialists, hold a prize draw and tell you about the features of each tool.

Find out more information and see the detailed program of the conference on the official website.

The gala conference “Podolog: Formula for Success” is:
3 days of lectures, seminars and workshops on podology;
12 expert speakers;
Actual topics of modern podology and medicine;
Star guest - Margarita Sichkar with an autograph session and presentation of the book;
Exhibition and sales;
Live communication
Networking and communication with specialists in their industry.

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