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Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

Compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety is an important aspect of the work of each nail-technician. Mandatory sterilization of the working tool, the use of disposable replaceable abrasives makes the procedure of manicure and pedicure hygienic, comfortable and safe for the client.

In addition to the professional tool for different areas of the beauty industry, the STALEKS PRO brand offers bases for nail and foot files, as well as replaceable abrasives that are firmly attached to these bases.

Disposable abrasive elements are indispensable for any manicurist due to the following advantages:

  • Hygiene. Only the base needs to be sterilized, and the used file can be simply discarded.
  • Reliability. The abrasive firmly sticks on the nail or foot file due to its strong adhesive base.
  • Versatility. Suitable for working with dry or wet skin.
  • Convenience. Disposable files are not soaked in water and can be easily removed from the base.
  • Efficiency. Buying one base and regular abrasive change is more profitable than buying a new file or a grater. One metal base can be used either as a buff or as a file – there is no need to buy two different tools!
  • Diversity. Large selection of files with different size and shape of the abrasive material.
  • Safety. Low risk of skin trauma due to foam files.
  • Aesthetic look. It is always preferable to use a new nail or foot file during a manicure and pedicure session. The client is guaranteed to appreciate the intact type of abrasive, which will positively affect the master’s reputation.

The metal bases for the STALEKS PRO file have the following characteristics:

  • The use of stainless medical steel. It allows to expose the base to multiple sterilization in special solutions and dry heat ovens.
  • Smooth polishing of the surface, on which a replaceable abrasive can be firmly fixed.
  • Ergonomic shape, thanks to which the tool fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Durability.

The steel base for the pedicure file has a classic straight shape with rounded edges. Nail files exist in 3 versions: straight, rectangular and crescent. One-time files are available for bases with varying degrees of abrasiveness: 80 (only for the foot file), 100, 180, 240, 320 grit.

From January 2019 in the STALEKS PRO assortment metal bases for files with a special notch for a finger will be available, thanks to which it will be easier and faster to remove the used abrasive. We offer to try our new product and appreciate all the advantages of hygienic pads and files from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

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