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How to choose a pedicure foot file?

The secrets of pedicure procedure at home

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At first glance, caring for the health of the legs is not difficult. However, this is not wholly true: the feet need regular care and a hygienic pedicure.

We already wrote about how to do pedicures. But these were tips and life hacks for the technicians! Do not want to forget that many people prefer to take care of the skin of their feet at home. And which tool helps to make the skin soft and velvety? Of course, it’s a pedicure foot file!

In the days of our grandmothers’ youth, foot care was carried out with the help of pumice, which was often called the “stone for the feet.” Now, a modern woman can boast a fairly large selection of instruments with the same purpose. The foot file is a real find that easily removes corns and calluses.

We will tell you what varieties of this tool exist, how not to make a mistake in choosing and make the perfect pedicure at home!

Varieties of files for feet and their difference

There are several types of files for foot, which differ not only in material but also in shape.

In the STALEKS home-use tool catalog, you can find a wide variety of foot files. Consider each type and find out the benefits!


Wooden pedicure foot file

The Beauty & Care series presents four types of wooden foot file with different shapes of the working part: the classic round, curved paddle,” round with four kinds of abrasiveness and a pink pedicure foot file. The pink grater is made of natural pine and is notable for its small size and weight, while the other three types of graters are made of alder and are more voluminous.

Advantages of such graters: strength, high quality wood processing, resistance to moisture. Ergonomic handle provides a convenient position of the foot file in the palm of your hand, thereby reducing fatigue during the procedure.

Plastic pedicure foot file

Classic series from STALEKS presents three types of plastic foot file for feet in different colors: pink, light green and blue.

Foot file made of plastic in compliance with the rules of operation and storage can last for a long time. The foot file has two sides with different types of abrasiveness: 100/180 grit (the softest), 60/80 grit (the hardest), 80/120 grit (medium degree – for the skin of the feet with small corns).

The main advantage of the tool is its lightweight. The plastic does not bend, the abrasive file is firmly attached to the base and does not soak in water.

Ergonomic travel foot file (“mouse” foot file)

Yes, this foot file is also made of plastic, but it differs in form. The Beauty & Care series, in addition to wooden graters, also offers such a convenient instrument option.

Due to its unusual shape, a grater in the form of a computer mouse fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its dimensions are not large: a grater can easily fit into any travel kit and will become an indispensable beauty tool on any trip. The emery pad carefully polishes the skin of the feet, and the protruding corrugated handle provides a secure grip and prevents the tool from slipping in the hand.

It is sold in two versions, depending on the abrasiveness – 100 and 180 grit.


Secrets of choosing the pedicure foot file

Experts advise choosing a foot file for pedicure according to two criteria: the condition of the skin of the feet and the features of use.

Evaluate how often your legs need a pedicure procedure. It is individual, because someone may need one procedure in 2-3 weeks and the feet will be well-groomed, and someone is forced to process stiff heels with a foot file almost every day.

Based on the condition of the skin of the feet, we recommend choosing abrasiveness of the foot file:

  • Soft skin that does not need long processing – 120-180 grit;
  • The skin of medium degree of coarsening – 80-120 grit;
  • Strongly coarsened skin of the feet, the presence of stiff corns – 60-80 grit.

We pass to features of use.

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact pedicure foot file for travel – it’s better than this ergonomic options not found!  It fits easily in the bag, does not take up much space. If you need a grater “in the bathroom”, we recommend you pay attention to the classic models of plastic or wood. Both materials are resistant to moisture, and the abrasive itself does not soak and does not peel off during the procedure.

Of course, choosing a pedicure foot file, it is advisable to consult with a specialist or seller. Thus, you definitely will not lose and get not only the necessary, but also a high-quality file. After all, every woman has her own skin characteristics: for someone, it is more coarse, for someone more softer. The main thing is that we have a vast range of any instruments!

Hygienic pedicure has become a favorite female ritual. The use of high-quality and durable tools is the key to a neat result! A pedicure even at home may be ideal.

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