Everyone who follows us on Instagram and Youtube already knows about our “Nail Academy.” It’s a unique platform for nail stylists training.

But we decided to go further and made a complete NAIL ACADEMY website, that will collect all the training videos from experts. We met with leading nail stylists and asked about everything that would be useful for both beginners and advanced nail technicians.

We are sure, the features that our experts talk about will certainly help save time on the procedure, but not lose quality!

Advantages of online learning on the NAIL ACADEMY website:

  • Theory + practice. Combination of theoretical knowledge and practical analysis of mistakes (demonstration on the model)
  • Free videos
  • Access to private lessons
  • Save time and money
  • Lectures from top experts and bloggers
  • Course Certificate

Education at NAIL ACADEMY is divided into several courses. For free you can get these video lectures:

  1. BASIC COURSE by Julia Zvarich. Workplace, the structure of the nail plate, disinfection and sterilization, the tool selection + PRACTICE (manicure in classical technique)
  2. PRACTICAL LESSONS by Elena Gladun.  Safe classic manicure with scissors without maceration, combi pedicure, and processing of the foot with podological discs.

For a nominal fee (5$), the following courses are available:

  1. PARAMEDICAL MANICURE by Olesya Goldaeva.  Work with nail diseases, a tool for a paramedical manicure, classification of pathologies. What diseases of nails can a nail technician work with, and how? (14 lessons).
  2. HOW TO REDUCE THE TIME OF THE PROCEDURE from Alyona Apanasenko. Maintain the quality of manicure, but do not spend a lot of time on it (2 lessons).

There are still a lot of courses and training. Visit our website to watch free videos and buy an advanced course. Knowledge and practice await you!