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A variety of nail scissors. Secrets of choice

STALEKS Marketing Director.
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The key to the perfect manicure is a quality tool. Today, the market offers technicians a wide range of scissors, nippers, manicure pushers, files and other tools.

It is difficult not to get confused in the choice, but we will help you choose the right set for yourself! STALEKS already wrote about how to choose nail nippers and how nippers for skin differ from a similar tool for nails. It’s time for the scissors – yes, this instrument, familiar and loved by many nail technicians, and also has its own characteristics.

Today we’ll talk about what types of scissors exist and on what to rely on when choosing.


Nail scissors: a story of a favorite tool

Impeccably sharpened, lightweight, and convenient – it is precisely by these criteria the nail technicians choose their “faithful assistant.” Not a single decorative manicure is complete without preliminary processing of nails and cuticles.

Scissors are considered as the first tool in a manicure. Over time, its design changed, scissors became lighter, cutting blades become thinner and sharper. Scissors began to cut not only the nails but also the cuticle. So there was a need to divide one tool into several types, because even in appearance they were similar, but in purpose and strength were significantly different.

What we have today: nail scissors, cuticle scissors and universal scissors (which can be used to cut both nails and cuticles). We’ll talk separately about children’s scissors (because their design also has its own peculiarities) and about micro scissors – a relatively new format of a favorite instrument that has already managed to win the love of many nail technicians.


Nail scissors

Let me introduce you a “classic of the genre,” a traditional instrument.

There are two types of nail scissors, depending on the shape of the cutting blades: straight and curved.. Straight scissors are ideal for hard and strong nails; they are convenient to do men’s manicure, for example. Curved scissors are suitable for soft or brittle nails, in particular, for teenage manicure.

Nail scissors can be found in the range of the STALEKS brand (for home use): the Beauty & Care and Classic series.  Key features of such nail scissors:

  • The ability to correct the nail plate, due to wide thickened blades;
  • The cut line, repeating the shape of the nail;
  • Precise, accurate cut due to sharp manually sharpened blades;
  • The convenient fit of the tool in hand, due to unusual ergonomic handles;
  • Ease of use, due to a soft stroke;
  • Pleasant to the touch matte surface of the handles;
  • Medical stainless steel.

A few words about the pedicure. Often straight manicure scissors are used to cut toenails,  Scissors of this particular shape are distinguished by a more solid and massive design, which simplifies the work with thick nails.  In addition, straight blades allow you properly cut the nails on the thumbs so that they do not grow into the skin.


Baby Nail Scissors

And immediately, let’s talk about a tool for children.  We talked a little about a specific tool when we developed the idea of opening a beauty salon for children.

A special tool is really necessary for children’s manicure. The best option is offered by the Beauty & Care and Classic series from STALEKS.  For convenience, the handles of such a tool are of medium size. The blades of children’s scissors are straight and thickened, and the edges are rounded; it allows safely cut nails without injuring the baby’s delicate skin. With these scissors, you can cut the nail perfectly along the contour of a small children’s finger.

Cuticle scissors

We return to the adult manicure and consider such an important step as processing the cuticle. A classic cut manicure does not do without softening and cutting the skin that has grown on the nail.  Make it with thin and neat scissors is most convenient.

Cuticle scissors are more elegant than nail scissors. This manicure tool has thin, sharp and well-polished blades. Scissors have a smooth and soft stroke.

The sharp tips of such scissors can gently and carefully remove the cuticle without injuring the skin.

If you are a manicurist, we advise you to pay attention to the cuticle scissors from STALEKS PRO. Suitable tools can be found in the Exclusive, Expert and Smart series.

If you give self-manicure and you are looking for a tool for home use, take a look at the STALEKS scissors.  The instrument of the Beauty & Care and Classic series will become your faithful assistant and an essential element of your personal set!

Micro scissors for cuticle

An interesting transformation of the usual cuticle scissors is micro scissors. This tool is also called “tweezers” for its unique design.

Tweezers (like scissors) have thin, sharp blades. The difference is that instead of rings, the tool has a spring between the handles.

Working with micro scissors is convenient and straightforward;  you don’t need to make efforts to compress. It’s easy to cut the cuticle with one strip and treat the skin near the nail with micro scissors. Its blades allow you to evenly cut off burrs, avoiding the formation of damage and wounds.

Universal scissors

With such scissors you can cut your nails and cuticle. Yes, it’s hard to imagine, but manufacturers of professional tools are capable of much!

Nail technicians like the versatility of such scissors. During the procedure, you need to change the cuticle scissors to nail scissors. In this case, a universal manicure tool is the best choice to simplify your life ☺.

Universal scissors can have a standard shape, which is smoothly bent for easy cutting. There is also a variant of scissors of a specific shape with an abrupt transition of wide blades into a narrow one with sharp tips.  For such scissors, the areas of the cutting blade are divided into two parts: a thinner one for cutting the cuticle, a second, wider one for correcting the length of the nail.


How to choose the perfect scissors?

More tools for Goddess of tools! It is not necessary to drown in a variety of scissors and suffer, choosing one thing. The specific type of scissors performs its particular task, and it is essential for a professional to gain experience working on different tools.

Quality is important. Choose corrosion resistant medical steel scissors. The professional tool from STALEKS PRO does not lose its aesthetics and practical properties after regular sterilization.

The main advantages of such scissors:

  • durability and strength;
  • they do not oxidize during disinfection; they are subject to processing in a dry oven;
  • manual sharpening and impeccable sharpness;
  • soft stroke;
  • reasonable price and excellent quality from a domestic manufacturer.

It is pleasant to work with scissors from STALEKS PRO to a professional of manicure and a novice technician. A tool for home use STALEKS will be a loyal assistant for a neat manicure at home!

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