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Straight from the catwalk: 7 fashion designs in manicure from STALEKS PRO

We can’t believe that time flies so fast! Just recently, we were preparing for the New Year and chose the trends of the winter season. And now it’s spring, warmth and new designs inspired by our beloved glossy magazines and fashion shows. It is wanted to be on the crest of a fashion wave, and for a nail stylist, it is also important.

We offer you to get acquainted with the best trendy designs in manicure, and at the same time keep an eye on a few ideas for clients. They will be delighted with such nail art!

  • Milky Way

The podium was captured by “milk fever” all shades of milk are in trend, from the shade of “ivory” up to the intense “coffee with milk.” Such a manicure seems simple and unpretentious, but there are pros in this: multifunction, practicality, compatibility with additional elements.

Milk manicure can be combined with stones, rhinestones, geometry, and Yuki flakes. This color looks good on nails of any length and shape. See a selection of the most original designs:


  • Nail Piercing

And Yes! Now, this is a popular fashion trend, and it is not necessary to pierce the skin to stand out. A manicure undergoes various transformations and, be sure no one will forget the piercing on the nails.

We advise you to experiment not on a natural nail plate, but on artificial nails. You can pierce only one nail, or you can even get carried away and pierce all the nails.

In the next article, we will tell you all the intricacies of a nail piercing creation. How correctly implement this design, with which jewelry you can achieve the best combination. Do not forget to look at our blog, but for now, keep a selection of works:


  • In contrasts

Do not be afraid and shy! Combining ill-matched colors is the best idea and a popular trend. You just take a look at the nails of models from the February Fashion Week. Such nails complement the image, become its harmonious continuation. Nail stylists should be guided by fashion trends to offer the best to clients.

The combination of contrasting black and red, orange and blue, green and gray looks interesting. More ideas can be found in this collection:


  • Burning beautiful

What unites fashion shows of the Scottish brand Pam Hogg and Italian fashion designers Genny and Stella Jean? It is difficult to guess the first time, but it is a manicure! Nail stylists decorated the nails of the models with a “fiery” design. It turned out so realistic that many fashionistas on Instagram got hooked by this fashionable flame.

Repeating the fire on the nails is quite simple, and such nail art looks cooler than the usual scarlet polish or bizarre geometry. Judge for yourself:


  • Transparent purity

Do you remember in winter trends we mentioned Jelly Nails? Nails that look like jelly or pieces of stained glass, but this is the design that was remembered by Kylie Jenner subscribers, who was the first to launch a trendy wave of gel nails.

So, fashionable divas calmed down a bit and stopped experimenting with colors, but they fell in love with transparent nails. The mechanism is the same as in Jelly Nails; the effect of glassy thin nails will be made with a gel for a nail extension.

Check out our selection and get inspired by ideas:


  • Holographic shine 

The jackets, sneakers, and bags with a hologram effect entered the everyday wardrobe with the help of fashion designers. Why not use such an interesting color combination on the nails? Fancy play-of-colors attract attention and compliment both every day and evening look.

The hologram on the nails can be combined with Yuki flakes (small crumbs) also can be an interesting additional element in the design of negative space. So follow models of the Julien Macdonald, House of Holland and Leonard brand examples and courageously decorate your nails with a hologram pattern. And our selection will help you determine the design:


  • Sky azure

Blue nails came into fashion after the enchanting shows of Chromat, Marco de Vincenzo and Marta Jakubowski. Moreover, any color scheme looks amazing: from delicate azure up to intense aquamarine. The light, pleasant color combines perfectly with spring awakening and harmony.

A selection of designs in a blue tint will surprise you:

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