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Etiquette rules: how does a manicurist communicate with clients?

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The beauty business is an extremely sensitive domain, and a lot of concentration is required from the master. You are responsible for the graceful fingers of your customers, their beauty and self-confidence, that’s why everybody seeks to find the perfect specialist. During the first visit, the client checks the qualifications and skills of the master, but the matter of returning again depends entirely on the overall impression after the service. In other words, whether a common language has been found or not.

Design features, music, and nice furniture will help to create a comfy atmosphere, but that is not enough to build loyalty in the customer. You need to organize communication properly. You wouldn’t argue that no one wants to spend time in the company of a master who is constantly silent, treating their clients mechanically and responding with a set of memorized phrases, or, vice versa, doesn’t ever shut, blabbering non-stop, asking all kinds of inappropriate personal questions. So how do you find the very edge professionalism balances subtly on? Today we will try to help you with this difficult issue.


TOP of DON’Ts! And how to answer uncomfortable question?

Building the right communication strategy should start with defining strict boundaries that you should not cross in any way while conversing with the client. But you must also protect your personal space to keep you away from the necessity to discuss potentially unpleasant topics.

Culture above all

Bear in mind that three topics should be avoided under all circumstances:

  1. Religion
  2. Politics
  3. Nationality

Sometimes it might seem safe to talk about these with a careful approach, but no, they must be banned completely from your workspace. It is important not to start talking about such things, and if the client throws the ball in that direction you should navigate away from this conversation cautiously.

For example, you are asked a question: “Who are you planning to vote for in the upcoming election?”, and it is better to smile and switch the conversation to something else or turn it into a joke, referring to the politicians or philosophers of the past. For example: “This is my little secret” or “I would be voting for Charlie Chaplin, and it is a pity that he is not a politician and is not among the living now”, and the like. Honestly, it is better to be funny than to demonstrate radical beliefs. It is also recommended to come up with smart answers to other sensible questions.

Personal stuff under lock and key

Never discuss your private life with your clients, and never talk about personal matters of other clients. Even if you have already established certain friendly relations, you must not lay your problems on the customer, otherwise the procedure will be spoiled, and the customer will leave the salon feeling exhausted. At the same time, when listening to a person talk, it is important to keep the suggestions to yourself. This is somewhat similar to the work of a shrink that provides psychological support without expressing subjective opinions and giving advice left and right.

You know nothing of the inner world of the person you are talking to

Avoid the topic of childbirth, reflexions on what a woman is supposed to do, and marital recommendations. You can not know for sure what problems are hidden in the personal life of your client and what issues can disrupt their peace of mind.

We can talk about this!

Does this mean we should not talk with the customers about anything? Not at all! You still have a wide list of topics that are very useful for building communication.

You can safely discuss:

  1. Fashion, nature, recreation, weather. Talk about abstract things, discuss your favorite TV show or the weather outside. Tell them about what you like to do this season. For example, if it’s raining, talk about your favorite recipe for a warming drink.
  2. Professional subtleties. Share a couple of secrets, tell the client about professionalinstruments from a leading manufacturer and methods of home beauty care.
  3. Art. Books, exhibitions, ballet, performances, etc. You can demonstrate erudition, but do not go too far so that the client does not feel awkward.
  4. Trends of your trade. Be careful to talk exclusively about your profession since you can inadvertently offend the client or badmouth their hairdresser without intention to do so, for instance.

Appearance is your weapon

The psychology of communication includes not only what you say, but also how you look. When going to work, you should remember that your appearance and neatness of your hands is the business card that customers pay attention to. Here are some tips that will help to win the client:

  1. No cleavage!
  2. Choose neat, solid color clothes.
  3. Hide your hair so it’s not blocking the view for you.
  4. Your skin should be well-groomed.
  5. Properly treated hands are the first key to success.
  6. Smile, smile, and smile again!


At first glance, the algorithms of communication with the client are very complex and require a careful approach, but in practice, it is super easy! Smiling, politeness, good manners, and attention to detail will help to create a cozy atmosphere and build communication with anyone. Share your inner warmth with each client, and soon you will be booked for weeks in advance.

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