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Podiatry instruments from STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

STALEKS is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of beauty instruments for home and professional use.

Over 22 years of existence in the market, the company from the sharpening studio has become a full-cycle plant. Production technologies are being improved to this day, and the range is increasing. New perspective direction – podology and medical pedicure.

STALEKS is the first Ukrainian manufacturer of a podiatry line of stainless steel instruments.

High quality, durability, and practicality combine different in purpose instruments (nippers, scalpels, pushers, and splinter tweezers). The podologic line was developed in STALEKS construction bureau together with leading experts in this field.

Professional instruments for a medical pedicure:

  • Nippers: PODO 31 model for safe cutting of the grown nail plate, and PODO 30 for ingrown nails;
  • PODO 10 and 20 nippers “eyes” for removing corns, processing the cuticle and the free edge of the nail plate, cutting the ingrown nail;
  • PODO 10 splinter tweezers to remove the smallest fragments of the epidermis, foreign objects from wounds or nail walls;
  • PODO 40 the handle for the scalpel for fixing a disposable blade makes it easier for the master to carry out the procedure of a medical pedicure and solve an individual client’s problem thanks to this tool.
  • PODO 10 and 20 pushers for partial removal of dry calluses and work with an ingrown nail.

The use of imported martensitic steel contributes to high-quality cleaning and sterilization. The instrument does not corrode – during production, the surface of the steel passes into a passive state, and a thin layer of compounds is formed.  The working parts of the instruments are sharpened manually, which ensures impeccable sharpness.

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