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Nail piercing is a new popular trend in the manicure

At any age, there may be a desire to decorate yourself and try a new image. Nail stylists should work with any request to achieve the result that the client wants to see ultimately. We create beauty together, rely on trends, and inspire by cool ideas.

Today on the agenda is nail piercing. It is a type of piercing that does not leave any marks but looks spectacular and adds “zest” to the image. How to do such design? Read on in our article!


Which decoration to choose?

Small rings or clips look very impressive on the nails. The decoration will fit into the concept of nail art, emphasize the design elements, and attract attention.

It’s not necessary to use expensive jewelry. You can express that contains in your imagination and, depending on the design which the client wants, choose such accessories as a piercing:

  • Small jewelry (rings, stud earrings). It is one of the most popular and practical options. Rings can be selected ordinary or with a dangle, different in length and thickness.
  • Chains.They can connect your fingers or can be attached to the rings. Such decoration will not be left without attention, but it can cause discomfort at first.
  • Stylized decorations in the form of symbols, numbers, letters, silhouettes. Particularly popular jewelry with initials or interesting items.

Jewelry should be chosen without sharp edges and scratching parts so that your fingers do not accidentally cling to clothes or other surfaces.

As a nail stylist, pay attention to jewelry with a convenient locking mechanism (for example, a lock). So the client will be able to take off the piercing for a while or replace the jewelry with another.


How to do the piercing on the nails?

For nail piercings, it is better to contact the salon. It will be challenging to carry out the procedure at home, and there is a significant risk of damage to the nail plate, which is fraught with problems with the nails (peeling, brittleness, deformation).

Further information will be useful to the nail stylist who does the piercing. First of all, what you need to remember: you can only pierce through an artificial nail and do it only with the help of a special device.

The scheme of manicure and design looks something like this:

  1. First, the nail stylist does a hygienic manicure (removing the cuticle and unnecessary skin around the nail with a professional tool and/or drill bits, polishing the nail with buff),
  2. Then the nail stylist extensions the nails and forms their length and shape,
  3. Stage of design and creativity (choosing of nail art, coating, drying in a lamp),
  4. The climax is the piercing of the hole in the nail for the decoration, polishing of the edges, and insert of the piercing.

We describe the process in detail, stopping at each stage.


Hygienic manicure: we prepare nails and a cuticle

The easiest way to soften and remove the cuticle with a classic manicure is to hold your hands in a special solution. If you, as a nail stylist, make a manicure for the client in a combined technique (hardware + cutting), then you cannot soak the cuticle – you need to work with the nail drill bit on dry skin.

Consider the process in stages:

  1. We treat the hands with a disinfectant.
  2. We work first with the nails. Remove the old coating, if necessary – cut the nail plate with nippers, shorten to the required length.

3. We shape the nails.To do this, use the “magic wand” – a metal base for the file. We stick a disposable abrasive on it, after evaluating the condition of the client’s nails. If the nails are brittle and soft – take an abrasive of 240 grit, if strong – 180 grit. An abrasive of 100 grit is suitable for filling artificial nails.  You can use a pack with replaceable files, you can get an abrasive from a cool donut container – it contains as many as 100 replaceable files (8 meters of tape!) 

4. We are going further. Now proceed to the cuticle and the skin around the nail plate. As mentioned earlier, hands should be held for 5-10 minutes in a solution of warm water with oil. When the cuticle softens, you need to push it with a special stick or manicure pusher. After – cut it with scissors or nippers for the skin.


If you are used to working with the device, immediately after working with the nails, proceed to the treatment of the skin. With a nail drill bit, you can treat the skin around the nail walls, remove burrs. But to cut the cuticle, you still need a tool – it’s convenient for them to penetrate the sinus zones and achieve the perfect result. A softener will help soften the cuticle.

Nail extension: we work with auxiliary materials

We repeat that piercing cannot be done on natural nails; your nail plate may become deformed or peeling after a piercing. It is better to extend nails to an acceptable length and make a hole in the material.

First, nails with hygienic manicure need to be covered with a base. Only after this can we move on to the nail extension stage. We make the setting of the form using the template then determine the length and shape of future extended nails (it is essential to discuss this with the client in advance).

We take a thick gel and form a substrate then we draw the future shape of the nails with the end face of the brush. Having removed the template, we get a transparent nail.

Next, we remove the stickiness and shape the end with a tool with a disposable abrasive for artificial nails. The file should be stiff.

After this, we take a more liquid gel; it hardens faster and spreads more evenly on the nail. Liquid gel is ideal for filling the “dimples” at the junction of the natural and artificial nails.

In the lamp for 15-20 seconds, and when all the nails are ready (extended), you can proceed to the design. Read the article to the end, and there will be many creative options! In the meantime, consider the most intriguing stage is piercing.


Piercing: learning the technique of piercing

  • First, draw a puncture point with a pencil. 

It can be located in the center of the free edge or on the side. But no need to mark too low or high. If the puncture is too low, the nail may break. If too high, then the accessories will not pass there.

It is better to choose a middle finger or a ring finger and on a non-working hand. So the risk of tearing the jewelry off or breaking the nail is reduced.

  • Set a point with a drill of the nail drill machine and press.

The drill should stand perpendicularly and be fixed on the nail plate. The nail stylist’s hand should be under the client’s fingernail during the puncture. The moment the drill passes through, the nail technician will immediately feel it with her hand.

  • After the puncture is made, you need to brush off the dust.
  • Using a tweezer, pass a ring through the nail.

If it is tight, it is recommended to expand the hole again with a drill bit so that the ring passes more freely.

Then pass the jewelry through the nail. Lock and clamp the main ring with nippers.

Flight of fancy: creative and experimenting

Even in the most unusual and informal design, everything should be harmonious. Piercing should fit into the general idea of nail art and emphasize it.

With the help of accessories you can decorate any manicure lunar, French, negative space, Jellynail, ombre.

To emphasize the elegance of a monophonic coating, you can choose a pair of restrained jewelry (for example, simple rings). For warm shades, choose jewelry “in gold”, for cold – “in silver” or with a pronounced shine.

For a gentle manicure, appropriate decorations will be required – thin, graceful, unobtrusive. Glitter gel polish with sparkles or a metallic effect is accentuated by transparent or colored jewelry.

Сhoosing a design, you can follow such a rule: the more decor in the coating, the more modest the accessories should be. Overloaded options are only suitable for nail championships or competitive works.

Sometimes for the design, you can choose a specific topic: with the heroes of comics or cartoons, for a particular time of the year or holiday. Then the jewelry for the piercing should match.

Get inspired and post your piercing work with the hashtag #. We will post the best works on our official Instagram account. Do not be too lazy to participate; Instagram should know its nail heroes!

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