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EXPERT Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions with three outer radial notches on the construction

do your job faster and more comfortable!

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

What will help make the eyelash extension process more enjoyable?A professional tool focused on the basic needs of a lash stylist: lightness, comfort, convenience, and attractive appearance.

Not so long ago, we presented to the court of our pros new tweezers for eyelash extensions.The EXPERT line already includes 16 models! Different handles and working parts – each lash stylist can choose the perfect tweezers for himself and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

But we do not stop there, and continuously strive for perfection. We thought: how else can we change the design of the tweezers to make it easier to work with it?

Our development is three outer radial notches on the tweezers handle. Due to this, the tool perfectly shapes and holds the cluster of eyelashes.

Thanks to the detailed and painstaking work on the tweezers’ production technology, we have achieved a balance between the weight of the tweezers, the softness of the stroke, and the closure of the working edges.

The advantages of eyelash tweezers with three outer radial notches are apparent:

  • Tweezers with three radial notches have less backlash.
  • Working with these tweezers is more comfortable due to the correctly selected location and radius of the notches on the tweezers handle.
  • The convenient working part of the tweezers, narrow edges allows you to work in the external and internal corners of the eye.
  • Notches on the body of the tweezers provide smooth and soft closure of the tweezers, and it allows the lash technician to spend less effort during the work, as a result of that the hand will not get tired.
  • This form makes the tool unique, and it visually differs from all standard tweezers, which immediately highlights this tool.
  • The tight grip of material.
  • Even closing of working edges thanks to professional manual sharpening.
  • Increased corrosion resistance, durability and practicality.
  • Improved visibility via long handles.
  • Minimal risk of glue sticking and eyelashes breaking off due to additional polishing of the edges.
  • No reflective effect due to satin (matte) finish.

The elaborate form of the tool was developed jointly by leading lash experts and implemented by the STALEKS design bureau. The perfect location of the outer notches and manual sharpening makes the tool comfortable to work with, the edges fit perfectly and hold the cluster. It increases the speed of extension and reduces the efforts made by the lash stylist at times.

Our tweezers are the most comfortable to use and allow the lash stylist to find the right tool among a wide range.

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