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Pedicure discs – a new tool from STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

The manufacturer of professional tools for various areas of the beauty industry STALEKS PRO introduced a novelty – pedicure disks with removable files. These are metal nozzles for a nail drill machine in the form of a beautiful glossy disk on which disposable removable files are sticked.

The tool is made of medical stainless steel, due to which it is resistant to corrosion, suitable for disinfection, and sterilization, and also durable in use.

STALEKS PRO pedicure discs are available in three sizes: S, M and L, the diameter of which is 15, 20 and 25 mm.  The “foot” of all discs has a standard length and thickness, so they are suitable for most nail drill machine.

Disposable files for disks have several types of hardness: 80, 100, 180, 240 and 320 grit. The diameter of the removable file is slightly smaller than the disk so that during the procedure, the technician does not injure the client with the edge of the removable file.

The main advantage of the new tool is the ability to increase the speed of work and improve the quality of the pedicure.

Using pedicure discs from STALEKS PRO, the technician can reduce the pedicure procedure almost in half. The tool allows you to easily cope with skin of any degree of coarsening, process cracks efficiently and even remove gel polish. Importantly, such a pedicure is safe for the client because removable files are used once.

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