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Foot file with replaceable abrasive

The basis of safe pedicure

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO Abrasives.
I’m doing everything possible so that you can “ to file on the dream” with our nail files as quickly as possible.

Safety is an essential part of the pedicure procedure. We have repeatedly drawn the attention of nail technicians to the importance of correct sterilization and disinfection the tool before work, but so far, this topic raises many questions.

One of the most popular questions is what to do with a pedicure file? Is it necessary to sterilize it, and if necessary, how? After all, this tool differs from cutting tools in its design, how can it not be damaged by sterilization?

STALEKS PRO will help you figure it out! But first, a small spoiler: just one tool will help you solve the difficult problem of sterilization. The tool with a replaceable abrasive is a novelty on the market of manicure tools, which gives a hundred points ahead of the usual foot files and pumice.

Below we will tell you what a pedicure miracle is, what its advantages are, and how the use of releasable abrasives simplifies the sterilization process. Without loss of time and quality!

Foot file with replaceable abrasive

Here is a modern version of the familiar foot file, but more functional and hygienic. The new tool consists of two elements: a solid metal base and replaceable files of varying degrees of abrasiveness.

The base is the unchangeable element. It is made of high-quality medical steel, and therefore does not lose its aesthetic appearance and does not give in to corrosion. It can be used for a long time if you follow the rules of sterilization and maintenance.

Abrasives are changing, and this is the part of the foot file that quickly becomes unusable. Using a STALEKS PRO foot file with a replaceable file, the nail technician will not have to wait until the abrasive to stick off or be erased. It should be changed after each client;  it is quick and convenient. There will be no traces of glue on the metal base, and the new abrasive file is not afraid of moisture, steam, and strong friction.

What is the advantage of disposable abrasives over reusable tools?

Using conventional foot files, the nail technician sterilizes the instrument completely, along with the abrasive. And this is at best; sometimes such a process as the sterilization of nail files and a foot file is wholly overlooked. It is a flagrant violation! It is as easy to hurt by foot file or nail file as by piercing-cutting tool; moreover, pathogenic microflora accumulates on seemingly innocuous abrasives.

For the development of the cutaneous fungus does not need contact with the lymph and blood. It is enough to process the nail plate with a file, on which there are pathogens of the disease!

No less common disease that can be infected during a pedicure procedure is micro bacterial furunculosis. Also, the reusable foot file can be a “home” for plantar warts, which are a type of human papillomavirus.

Even if the nail technician sterilizes a standard foot file, such a tool will not serve long. The temperature and specific solutions destroy the adhesive layer on which the abrasive stick, and the foot file becomes unusable faster. Why should you pay twice?

The advantages of a pedicure file with a removable abrasive:

1. Safety. You will treat the coarsened skin of feet with a new abrasive to each client. It vastly reduces the risk of transmitting the infection.

2. Moisture resistance. The metal base does not rust, replaceable files do not soak and do not stick off from the base.

3. Universalism. You do not have to buy different files according to the number of grit and thickness of the foam. Different removable files can be stuck to one metal base; it is economical and convenient.

4. Convenience. Caring for the base for a pedicure file is similar to the care of other STALEKS PRO metal tools (nippers, scissors, pushers, razors). The process of sterilization and disinfection of the metal base does not require additional costs and time.

5. Aesthetics. The client will appreciate the fact that they make a pedicure with a new, untouched abrasive. In the pedicure market, this is know-how and will draw attention!

6. Efficiency. All you have to do is buy a reusable metal base, and then buy removable files as needed. Abrasives are almost 10 times cheaper than standard reusable files, and about 2 times less expensive than disposable files. They are more comfortable to work with, more reliable and professional look in the eyes of the clients.

What are the removable files for a pedicure foot file?

The base is made of medical stainless steel, with a smooth polished surface and an ergonomic handle. Manufacturer STALEKS PRO modernized the design of the base, adding a unique notch for easy removal of the used abrasive.

Let’s talk about abrasives. They differ in the number of grit – the lower the number, the more rigid is abrasive. The STALEKS PRO range has removable files for a pedicure foot file with an abrasiveness of 80 and 180 grit.

The first pack of 10 files is suitable for clients with coarsened skin of the feet and strong corns. The 180 grit files are designed for delicate skin that needs treatment.




The tool with a removable abrasive significantly outstrips its reusable “brothers” in the matter of hygiene and convenience. Besides, it is cheaper and faster to sterilize one base and stick a new abrasive each time than to perform the same manipulations with a regular foot file.

Take care of your customers, and following simple safety rules will raise your reputation. STALEKS PRO helps you keep abreast of the latest novelties and trends!

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