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Updated SMART series of professional tools from STALEKS PRO

Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

Light, stylish, comfortable and durable – such characteristics must have a professional tool. The range of SMART series from the brand STALEKS PRO has been replenished with new tools.

SMART – for nail technicians who don’t want standstill. This series of professional tools appeared on the market two years ago and was introduced … Only with nippers for skin!  Now, nail nippers, pushers, and cuticle scissors are available. Everything that a specialist needs for perfect work.


The new SMART series combines the best features of a professional tool:

  • Aesthetic design. Feature of the series is a matte finish. The tool is pleasant to the touch, looks stylish and attractive;
  • The thought-over design and ergonomic decisions – for convenience and comfort of the nail technician;
  • Durability due to the use of high quality stainless steel;
  • Impeccable sharpness, which is achieved only with the help of jewelry manual sharpening;
  • Practicality and corrosion resistance due to additional polishing. The tools can be sterilized and disinfected countless times.

The SMART tool is chosen by progressive specialists who are not afraid to experiment with techniques; they continuously learn and put quality in priority. It is a universal solution for both a young novice nail technician and an experienced professional.


Let us tell you more about the tools of the SMART series:


Nail nippers.

It`s the ideal tool for the length of nails correction. Durable construction withstands heavy pressure.The edges are sharpened by hand, which reduces the risk of nail splitting. Massive polished handles of the tool conveniently fall into the palm – the nail technician’s hand is less tired, and the procedure can be performed much faster. Thorough polishing of the hinge ensures soft and smooth stroke.


Nippers for skin.

It is no longer the only, but still the unique tool of the SMART series. Nippers for skin are used both in classic cut manicure and as additional “assistant” at the hardware technique. STALEKS PRO is a large selection of nippers for skin with different blade lengths and the type of spring mechanism.You can choose the most convenient tool for yourself!



How to do without this indispensable tool?  The pusher helps push back the cuticle and form the perfect lunula. The SMART series offers blades with different working parts: rounded pusher, rectangular pusher, and hatchet. Thanks to the corrugated handle, the tool will not slip out of your fingers during the procedure. Convenient and beautiful!


Cuticle scissors.

It is more convenient for some nail technicians to cut the cuticle with scissors, not with clippers. no problem! STALEKS PRO is the perfect solution. SMART scissors have narrowed blades of classic width – for easy access to the cuticle. Manual sharpening of the blades provides a neat cut, and the soft movement of the scissors due to the slight backlash between the blades reduces the nail technician’s fatigue.

The professional tool for manicure and pedicure of the SMART series will become an indispensable assistant in your favorite business. Create a world of beauty with STALEKS PRO! 

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