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New EXPERT 41 TYPE 10 straight eyelash extension tweezers

Brand Manager STALEKS Lash & Brow.
I do everything to make the tweezers better every day. I’ll tell you about the types, shapes, sizes of the tool, features of the choice.

How to make work even more pleasant and comfortable? Technologists of the STALEKS PRO brand perceived such a question from lash stylists as a challenge: professionals need the perfect tool!

We introduced a novelty in our line of professional eyelash extension tweezers. EXPERT 41 TYPE 10 tweezers – elongate, thin, and straight. It is with such tweezers that it will be convenient to grab and separate a natural eyelash during the extension procedure.

Let’s take a closer look at the new product.

Why does a stylist need straight tweezers?

Straight tweezers for eyelash extension serve as a support tool. Lash stylist holds it in a non-primary hand and uses it to separate natural eyelashes. It is convenient with straight tweezers to single out one natural lash so that artificial lash can be attached to its base with another tool.

Professional straight-shaped tweezers should be thin and even, flawlessly sharpened. The tips of such a tool have accurate and tight closure, and the opening width is up to 7 mm.  Average pressing force, a satin coating that does not have a reflective effect, improved visibility due to long thin handles are essential advantages of tweezers, due to which the lash technician can work easier and faster.

Lash stylists of any level of preparation choose direct tweezers: beginners (those who are just passing training), specialists and pros.

Features of the straight tweezers EXPERT 41 TYPE 10:

  • The tweezers are elongated, straight in shape – for a wide view and comfortable performance of the stages of the procedure.
  • Thin handles with a satin cover (do not have a reflective effect and do not distract from work). 
  • Three outer notches on the tweezers handle, due to which the backlash of the canvases decreased.
  • Manual sharpening and perfectly polished working part.
  • Tight grab of material.
  • Soft, smooth stroke (the hand of the lash stylist puts less effort during the procedure so that less tired).
  • Stainless steel tweezers – any disinfection and sterilization methods are available.

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