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Professional nippers for skin EXCLUSIVE 30


Brand Manager STALEKS PRO.
I understand the beauty industry exactly, as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of the metal.

All the best that the tool of the EXCLUSIVE series can demonstrate is embodied in the new nippers 30 models. STALEKS PRO company annually improves production technology, achieving better ergonomics and practicality of the tool. We rely on the opinion of professionals in the field of manicure to improve the existing models of nippers and create the perfect tool.

EXCLUSIVE 30 nippers for skin from STALEKS PRO – the tool of high quality. The name of the series speaks for itself: it is an exclusive tool for the professionals of the nail industry, which allows you to quickly achieve the perfect result.
Professional nippers have such important design features:
The unique geometry of the cutting planes ensures a smooth and tight closing of the blades;
Radius blade sharpening gives a more neat and accurate cut;
The ergonomic design of the handles facilitates the work of the nail technician. Nippers comfortably fit into the palm, easily close and help the nail technician to be less tired. Extra long handles increase visibility during the procedure;
The straight cutting edges located under an inclination facilitate work in hard-to reach spots of the nail walls;
Multi-stage polishing of the tool to a mirror effect increases corrosion resistance and aesthetic tool appeal.

Use of high-quality medical steel 95Х18 guarantees the durability and strength of the tool. The EXCLUSIVE 30 skin nippers can be sterilized and undergo various disinfecting procedures without any risk to worsen the appearance of the tool, only if the instructions and rules of sterilization are followed.
Professional nippers for skin are sharpened manually under a microscope. Such jewelry work helps to achieve excellent sharpness of the blades and keep it longer.
An aesthetically attractive tool with a mirror surface and an original pattern will become a real decoration of your professional set.

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