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STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

STALEKS company presents new tweezers for eyelashes of the series “EXPERT” 40 and 41, made according to the specifics of the procedure of extension of any complexity.

The well-thought-out design and shape of professional tweezers allows the master to conveniently carry out all the necessary actions to build up, and clients can enjoy the desired result of hard work.

Compared to other STALEKS PRO tools, eyelash tweezers have been developed the longest. It took a year and a half to design, build, and launch this tool. Specialists of the quality control system carefully checked each tweezers, and technologists of their own design bureau STALEKS specially passed eyelash extension courses from leading masters.

The technology for producing eyelash extension tweezers changed three times, and over 20 lash experts and quality engineers were involved in the work. In 2018, when technologists took into account all the subtleties of creating this tool, the first batch of eyelashes for the eyelashes of the EXPERT series was presented to the public.

The use of medical steel 40×13 and strict control of all stages of production leads to the following advantages of tweezers for eyelashes:

  • Increased corrosion resistance, durability and practicality.
  • A soft stroke, which is achieved due to a certain hem angle (the width of the opening of the tweezers is 7 mm).
  • Improved visibility due to long handles.
  • Tight grip material.
  • Uniform closure of working edges due to professional manual grinding.
  • The minimum risk of sticking glue and breaking eyelashes due to the additional polishing of the edges.
  • No reflective effect due to satin (matte) coating.

Currently 19 models of tweezers for eyelash extension with different handles and working parts are available. What kind of tweezers for which extension technique to choose – read our detailed article.

The eyelash extension tool from the STALEKS PRO brand has a sophisticated design that is pleasant and comfortable to hold in your hand. Each lash-professional can choose for himself a comfortable tweezers and enjoy its benefits for a long time.

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