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New EXPERT L-shaped tweezers from STALEKS PRO

Tool No. 1 for eyelash extension

Brand Manager STALEKS Lash & Brow.
I do everything to make the tweezers better every day. I’ll tell you about the types, shapes, sizes of the tool, features of the choice.

We know how painstaking and jewelry task is the perfect extended eyelashes.  It will require not only time (for some lash stylists, the procedure takes up to 4 hours!) But also a professional tool. Ordinary tweezers are powerless here. Only special tweezers for eyelash extension will help to make the work more comfortable and better.

We have already talked about our new product, the straight tweezers from the EXPERT line. But it is rather an auxiliary tweezer since it is needed more to move the natural eyelashes. It`s time to talk about the essential tools in the extension procedure. The STALEKS PRO brand presents two models of L-shaped tweezers: at an angle of 35 (EXPERT 41 TYPE 9) and 32 degrees (EXPERT 41 TYPE 8 (MINI L)).

Ready to meet them?


EXPERT 41 TYPE 9 (35 ‘) eyelash extension tweezers

Tweezers, reminiscent of the English letter “L,” are often referred to as curved tweezers.

The advantages of L-shaped tweezers are known to every lash stylist who has used it at least once in work. Edges are designed for safe and comfortable work in the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Tweezers can quickly grab eyelash of any length.

The main advantages of tweezers EXPERT 41 TYPE 9:

  • The extended working edges and the L-shaped bend at an angle of 35 ° allow to work in hard-to-reach places of the eye (inner and outer corners);
  • Tight closure of the edges along the entire length of the working part allows you to achieve the perfect result in classic natural extension and to create large volumes (7-8D);
  • Manual sharpening and flawlessly polished working parts;
  • The grooves on the tweezers body give a smooth and soft closure;
  • Material – stainless medical steel – it means any method of disinfection and sterilization are available;
  • Lightweight (17 grams) so that the hand of the lash stylist is less tired during a time-consuming procedure.

These tweezers are ideal for professionals for those lash stylists who value their time and want to reduce the load on the hand.



MINI L tweezers for eyelash extension EXPERT 41 TYPE 8 (32 ‘)

After talking with different lash stylists and discussing with the different options for improving the tool, we decided to add other L-shaped tweezers to the line – this time at an angle of 32 degrees.

The tweezers are called “MINI L” because the length of the working edges reaches 7 mm and the width is 1 mm!

The main advantages of tweezers MINI L:

  • The bend and the length of the working edges allows you to work even with the thinnest and brittle material;
  • The matte finish reduces the sliding of the tweezers in the fingers during the procedure;
  • The optimal weight of the tweezers makes it possible to fully control the workflow by placing the wrist as convenient as possible;
  • Tight closure of the working edges leaves no chance to mistakes during the procedure; 
  • The edges of the tweezers do not break and do not spoil the eyelashes;
  • The length allows you to hold the tweezers in your hands without additional manipulations securely;
  • The outer radial grooves on the tweezers’ body provide a soft and smooth stroke.

They are designed for a classic and 3D 2D-4D extension. The small working part of the MINI L makes it easy to work with tweezers for both beginners and professionals. The tweezers passed manual sharpening and are ready to show itself from the first minutes.


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