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Fashion trends in manicure: 10 ideas for 2020

Yohoho! That’s how quickly 2019 flew by, and the new year 2020 is just around the corner! It’s worth watching a couple of fresh trends to offer the client something completely fashionable and popular. Here goes!

We follow the most current trends in manicure and study glossy and fashion magazines.  On what to pay attention to in nail design in the new 2020? What combinations of colors, patterns, and decor elements will be in trend?  It’s high time to pick your favorites – details in our article!


Topical length and shape of nails

So, let’s start with the general – what length and shape of nails will be popular in 2020?

Here trendsetters are loyal and unleash individuality. Choose the length of the nails that firstly will be comfortable in everyday life, and secondly, which only you will like! Someone is comfortable with long nails (even artificial); someone, on the contrary, loves short ones – here for each option, their design can be selected.

The forms do not lose their positions, such as:

  • “Almonds” – nails of medium length, slightly pointed;
  • “Ballerina” – ideal for long nails, has a sharply cut top;
  • “Squoval” is the top option for short nails, a harmoniously and softened classic square without sharp edges.


Manicure and Design Techniques 2020

Well, nail stylists, have you already managed to accumulate the knowledge base and enroll in courses? We are also shocked by how many new techniques appears!

By the way, we whisper a little secret: in December 2019, STALEKS organizes free NAIL ACADEMY on Instagram and YouTube.  Do not forget to subscribe to our accounts to be the first who will receive the essential information from nail experts and learn to create beauty together. All details are on our pages.

In 2020, trending stamping techniques and mega-fashion minimalism, which is gaining momentum in the new year due to its unpretentiousness in nail design, will come to the rescue of nail art beginners.

Pros, on the other hand, can demonstrate all their skills in nail painting: landscapes, city panoramas, portraits, floral motifs, and different realistic nail designs will surely find their fans.

In creating nail masterpieces, stylists are helped by auxiliary materials and tools, often even improvised ones.  And in the decor set of each nail stylist should be rhinestones, foil, glitter powder, beads, Yuki flakes, pixie crystal crumbs. Stencils, foam (from soap bubbles), different brushes will come in handy.

Let’s not forget that the accuracy of the manicure depends on the professionalism of the nail technician by 50%.The remaining half is the merit of a sharp and durable tool that fits comfortably in your hand. The STALEKS PRO brand offers both beginners and experienced nail stylists to evaluate the benefits of a professional tool. With such an instrument, the implementation of any stages of manicure (shape correction, nail trimming, removal of cuticles, and rough skin from nail walls) becomes more convenient and more relaxed.

Well, are you ready to create?


2020 trend nail art: decor options

We pass to the most creative stage of manicure – design. In our final top, we have collected 10 of the most unusual manicure ideas with which your author’s nail art will not go unnoticed.

1. Negative space

Do you remember, we have already talked about such a trendy design?  Neil stylists call such a design “naked manicure” – this is the best way to explain the main idea!

The pattern covers only part of the nail, forming non-filled gaps.  Basically, this design comes in combination with geometric or moon manicure, or a French manicure.

The technology of negative space is simple: you need to choose a motive and color scheme, apply to part of the nail, and do not paint over the remaining areas.  There are two options for how to do this: either bypass a zone with a thin brush, or stick a protective strip on the nail and boldly cover the entire nail with polish. A part of the polish will come off together with the strip, and the nail area will be “empty”.

The main trending ideas of “negative space” are : geometry, a bracelet on the nail, minimalism. Such a design goes well with another interesting effect – “broken glass”.


2. Foam manicure (“bubble” manicure)

Our favorite foam manicure! We did not even expect such a design to enter the TOP recommendations and trends this fall, and in 2020 the “bubble” is not going to lose popularity.

We also wrote about foam manicure and how to repeat it. Let’s consolidate knowledge.

You can achieve an unusual effect on the nails with the help of ordinary improvised material – shaving foam, soap foam, bubbles.

The technique is as follows:

  1. Apply the base. The first layer is thinly primed with transparent gel polish, and the second is fixed and aligned. Warm each layer in the lamp for 40-60 seconds.
  2. We cover the nails with colored gel polish.
  3. Apply a top without a sticky layer. Dry in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Then, on a not cooled top, apply any glitter powder.
  5. Pass with a nail file on the ends of the nail, remove the remaining glitter powder from the sinuses using a cotton swab with cleanser.
  6. Apply the top with a sticky layer, seal the ends. Dry in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  7.  Make foam! Drop a few drops of detergent and water on a sponge, whip the foam.
  8. Without wiping the adhesive layer from the nail, apply a top without the adhesive layer and the foam on a nail. Dry for 60 seconds in the lamp.  By the way, the second top should be applied indented a millimeter from the edges – so that the effect lay more aesthetic.

Voila! The main advantage of this foam manicure is that the design looks cool on nails of any length.

You can repeat the “texture” of stone, meteorite, chocolate, honeycombs, lace, snake squama – all that you have enough imagination for. Try and offer to customers. This trend will definitely not go unnoticed!


3. The accent on cuticle

Tired of the bright design? Does the monochromatic coating seem too dull, and the French look banal? Well, the trends of 2020 threw us a very sophisticated everyday option – a manicure with an emphasis on the cuticle.

The accent looks cool in the form of a colored or metal strip along the cuticle.  We recall our favorite “geometry” – it was in the trends of 2019, but now there is no need to draw rhombuses and squares.  It is enough to emphasize the cuticle, just a little step back from it.  The background can be either bright or nude. Easy, fast and elegant manicure!

But there is an important remark!  The cuticle in this design should be perfect. Here the nail stylist must perfectly master the classic or combined technique, have the appropriate tool – perfectly sharp, practical, and convenient.  The STALEKS PRO catalog, as always, is at your service!


4. Pixie Crystal crumbs 

Well, and where without glitter!  You can’t leave girls without their favorite rhinestones and radiance, but this also has its trend. In 2020, the so-called “pixie crystal crumb” will be popular – these are small translucent glasses that look like crystals. It is thanks to them a fantastic crystal shimmering appears on the nails, which you can admire always.

Pixie crumbs can be applied both to gel polish and to regular coatings.  Plus, if you do manicures at home, small stones can be reused.

By the way, an interesting fact – the idea of such a “crystal” manicure was proposed by the world famous diamond brand Swarovski.  So, if you want to offer the client to feel like a baby for a million, feel free to offer this cute design.


5. Manicure with dots

The style of minimalism has become so firmly entrenched in our lives that now it can no longer be called a “trend” or a “novelty” … But this is a fact: fewer girls choose painted nails a la picturesque paintings of the era of impressionism, now more and more clients want “more modest, but so WOW.” Is that familiar?

This trend will help us out here. A manicure with dots is such a tribute to minimalism but a trend of modernity at the same time. It seems to be a simple design, but memorable. Especially cool when the points are located almost next to the cuticle. You can also group them into a mini-composition, but here it is important not to overdo it.

Points can be “put” with a brush, or you can replace them with rhinestones or microbeads. It looks super stylish!


6. Contour faces

Now almost the whole of Instagram is flooded with underground artists who paint pictures “in one line” without taking their hand off the canvas.  It turns out something bizarre, but interesting. Have you seen this?

The same thing has now smoothly turned into manicure. Yes, these contoured faces look cool on both long and short nails, combined with random brush strokes, geometry, and bizarre shapes. All that is enough for fantasy do not limit yourself.

Usually, nail technicians do not have to draw miniature “faces” diligently – it is easier to use stickers. It sticks well on gel polish, and after that, fix it with a transparent top. The background can be chosen bright or nude, combine such a manicure with foil, dots and other decorative elements. Surrealism and courage!


7. Tai Dai print

Tai-dai is one of the stylish summer prints, and initially such a smoothly flowing combination of colors was popular in clothes. Hippies fell in love with t-shirts, dresses, and bags with a tai-dai print, but a few decades not passed (oops! Passed!) a gradient manicure appeared with pink, lilac and mint shades characteristic of tai-dai.

And all thanks to whom? Famous blogger and trendsetter Kylie Jenner once boasted her new manicures in stories – and what started! Subscribers began to repeat such an unusual option, and the wave of this admiration gradually reaches us.

Tai-dai looks impressive on long nails and on the “ballerina” nail form, but with short nails, it will be appropriate. It is not necessary to combine a Tai Dai print with other colors or decor elements, but if you really want to, why not?  We will not hold back our creativity!


8. Jellynails 

And here it was not without Kylie Jenner!  With her help, this “greetings from the 90s” became another new trend in 2020. Although not surprising, because everything that “the daughter of the Kardashian clan” touches turn into gold, therefore, most likely, even the ardent opponents of acrylic nails will give up and try to try on this fashion trend.

Nails really look like glued caramel candies, and the color can be chosen to your taste – absolutely any.

Jellynails are created using acrylic or gel modeling technology on tips and shapes. Therefore, repeating Jellynails yourself at home will be difficult, it is better to turn to the pros!

Jellynails has many names – glass, transparent, jelly or aquarium manicure. The bottom line is: the protruding edge of the nail should be as long and transparent as possible.  To do this, special transparent tips are glued to the nails, and the edge is modeled to the desired shape and coated with transparent varnish on both sides.


9. Marble manicure

Do you think that only ladies aged make marble manicure on their nails? Trends dictate the opposite and generally erase this notorious border between “youth” and “age” designs.

The beauty unites, and it’s so cool when ladies during a manicure are asked to draw perky comics or to cover their nails with neon-colored varnish, and young girls are happy with a dull or discreet manicure.

There would be a fantasy! But we will not leave the topic.

The texture of natural stone attracts many stylish girls. What are the features of this manicure:

  • it imitates the beauty of natural stone;
  • the technique allows you to create a unique pattern;
  • it is possible to use several color combinations in the drawing;
  • many ways to perform;
  • showiness and unusualness;
  • simple execution technique, permissible even at home at the client.

With the design of “marble manicure,” each nail will get the look of a unique and catchy stone. Чтобы результат радовал клиентку, надо при выборе гаммы опираться на следующие моменты:

  1. Choose current fashionable shades: blue, gray, malachite, white, gold, classic combination of white, black, gamut of gray;
  2. Do not mix more than 4 shades;
  3. It is preferable to choose varnish fluids with a different texture: matte, pearlescent, rainbow, metallic, etc .;
  4. You can enhance the extravagance, mixing bright and rich colors. If obliges an image or a certain celebration, you can combine soft and pastel colors.

Want to know more how to make a marble manicure? Check out this link for a detailed article!


10. Yuki flakes

“Yuki” in translations from Japanese means “snow.” This word best reflects the essence of the material for nail art: it looks like snowflakes, so fragile and light.

With such material, the imagination certainly can go wild because the thinnest plates can be applied to the nail in different ways. It can be neatly put on gel polish without damaging the shape of the material, or you can grind it into dust with a slight movement. Each time it turns out something completely unusual!

And this is the main charm of the material that ensured him getting into the trends of 2020. Yuki flakes can be rubbed, applied with light patting movements, carefully stacked. The method of application also affects the texture of the future design.

With the help of yuki flakes, you can achieve the effect of marble, Northern Lights, starry sky, holography, the color “chameleon”. One jar – and so many ideas and experiments!

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