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Medical pedicure – step to beauty and health

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In the previous article, STALEKS PRO talked about hygienic pedicure – the procedure of nails caring on the feet and skin of the feet.  Today we will talk about another type of pedicure, medical, and its features.

Medical pedicure is aimed not so much at aesthetics as at health. With it, you can solve problems such as dry skin, ingrown toenails, foot fungus, calluses, corns and much more.

Let’s discuss in more detail?

When does medical pedicure apply?

A medical pedicure is a method of treating and preventing diseases of the nails and feet, and only then a hygienic procedure.  This manipulation is carried out by a specialist with medical education (chiropodist) in a clinic or salon, as well as a manicure and pedicure technician with appropriate specialization.

Special techniques and professional tools are used for a medical pedicure.

Medical pedicure also solves cosmetic and hygiene problems.  This procedure is practiced when:

  • diabetes, dermatological lesions;
  • ingrown nail problems;
  • dense formations (corns, calluses, deep cracks) that can not be removed by yourself with pumice;
  • deformation and other nail changes;
  • fungal infection of the lower extremities, peeling and itching, excessive sweating.

Upon careful study of the client’s foot, a chiropodist is obliged to accurately identify the problem and propose a comfortable and safe solution.

The main signs of feet problem

The legs are constantly experiencing stress when walking, so over time, outgrowths are formed.  They not only deliver an aesthetic inconvenience, but also can cause pain, fatigue.

The causes of corns and calluses:

  • wearing poor-quality and uncomfortable shoes – also leads to deformation of the foot;
  • prolonged stress on the legs (standing work, weights lifting);
  • overweight or metabolic disorders in the body.

In the case of significant changes in the appearance of the nails, you should talk about the fungal disease of the feet:

  • nail plates are deformed or changed their usual color;
  • skin is too dry, it has redness, itches.

Experts in such cases recommend not only the use of drugs and vitamin complexes, but also sign up for a medical pedicure.

To fully recover the health of the feet, several medical procedures and high qualifications of the technician will be required.

A professional tool is a guarantee of the perfect procedure

Medical pedicure requires jewelry accuracy. Professional tools from STALEKS PRO will help you achieve it: nippers, scalpels, pushers, splinter tweezers, etc.

Chiropody tool has a clear purpose. There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes of the working surface to perform the procedure as correctly and accurately as possible.

Professional tools for a medical pedicure:

  1. Nippers: PODO 31 model for safe cutting of the grown nail plate, and PODO 30 for ingrown nails;
  2. PODO 10 and 20 nippers “eyes” for removing corns, processing the cuticle and the free edge of the nail plate, cutting the ingrown nail;
  3. PODO 10 splinter tweezers to remove the smallest fragments of the epidermis, foreign objects from wounds or nail walls;
  4. PODO 40 the handle for the scalpel for fixing a disposable blade makes it easier for the master to carry out the procedure of a medical pedicure and solve an individual client’s problem thanks to this tool.
  5.  PODO 10 and 20 pushers for partial removal of dry calluses and work with an ingrown nail.

High quality, durability, and practicality combine different in purpose tools. STALEKS PRO products are made of high strength medical stainless steel and are hand sharpened.

STALEKS PRO recommendations

Each manicure and pedicure technician should ensure their client’s safety. After all, always when performing procedures, there is not only the risk of injuries, but also infections with fungal and other infections.

Non-sterile tools can be a significant source of problems. Competent sterilization and disinfection of tools from STALEKS PRO is a guarantee of safety and hygiene.

We recommend not only sterilize tools and store them in individual Kraft bags, but also use disposable items. For example – nail and foot files with replaceable abrasive. The steel base is not damaged during sterilization, and the disposable abrasive file can be easily removed after the procedure.

Your clients will appreciate that you make a pedicure with a new foot or nail file. Such a tool always looks aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly – meets all safety conditions.

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