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Legally specialized: manicure business in compliance with law

STALEKS Journalist.
I write about the beauty industry, collect information, and share trends. I manage an interview column on the STALEKS YouTube channel.

Manicure master is a creative, interesting, and quite profitable profession. Demand for this service today is very high, and, as you know, “demand generates supply.” It is commonly believed that in order to become a master of manicure it’s enough to take a course and then buy the necessary equipment and supplies. But it’s not that simple! All masters are obliged to comply with state standards and legalize their activity. If you want to work as a master of manicure and pedicure, you have several options to choose from:

  • Working in the salon as an employee
  • Self-employed working in the salon
  • Self-employed working at home

STALEKS will share the peculiarities of work in the beauty industry and talk about the main legal subtleties that accompany the registration process.

Employee in the salon

If you want to work as a master in the salon, do not rush to agree to a good percentage and nice working conditions. Be sure to check whether the salon is ready to officially hire you. Today, unfortunately, most salons do not officially hire employees, so they work illegally or as contractors. Official employment allows you to work trouble-free, dropping all the hardships of taxation and legal matters out of your mind. Let your boss worry about all that. Otherwise, if you rent your workplace, you have to pay taxes yourself. By the way, when working in a rented room, you also have a significant advantage – but that’s only if you have a signed lease. The matter is that sanitary inspection has strict requirements for salons regulated by the DSPIN decree in Ukraine. If the premises are yours, then compliance with the rules is also your burden. By providing a formal lease form to the authorities you disclaim any liability in this respect. Everything is taken care by the salon you are leasing the workspace from. Of course, compliance with hygiene standards is still your responsibility, but the salon must provide the required facilities.

Self-employed working in the salon

Opening a salon is a dream of every master. It is a great achievement. But what’s the legal way to do it? First, you need a private entrepreneurship license. Without it, you cannot conduct business. Please note that there are 3 types of licenses:

  • Type 1. It is suitable for a master who has a salon where, apart from the main business, they may sell cosmetic and personal hygiene products (retail only). Your income per year can be up to UAH 300k. Monthly payments: fixed social contribution for entrepreneurs and fixed tax. Once a year it is necessary to submit reporting documentation.
  • Type 2. It allows you to hire up to 10 employees and even engage in manufacturing. Your annual income can be up to UAH 1.5M. You need to pay a fixed monthly social contribution and fixed tax, but the amounts you have to part with will be more substantial.
  • Type 3. This type is suitable for larger salons with an annual income of up to UAH 5M. It allows you to hire an unlimited number of employees and has no social restrictions on business activities.

Employee at home

Even if you decide to work at home, according to the law you still need to obtain a private entrepreneurship license. You will have confirmed work experience for the future pension without having to worry about visits from the tax man. The amount of taxes is regulated by the law of Ukraine for the current year. By the way, the new simplified system allows you to quickly obtain the license. If you doubt your abilities, you can always turn to a professional that will help you with paperwork and application routine.

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