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COVID-19 design in manicure became viral on Instagram

Unexpected news makes its own adjustments: panic and an overwhelming desire to buy up all buckwheat are spreading among people again, some frightening posts in the social media feed, and new trends and memes slightly reduce the tense atmosphere.

While the whole world is discussing a new coronavirus pandemic, and authorities encase the quarantine and close public places (including our favorite beauty salons and nail bars), creative nail stylists create manicures based on COVID-19.

Yes, it sounds weird (imagine such a request from a client: “Draw me a coronavirus on my nails, please”?), But it looks unusual. Let’s check it?

Journalists of the British tabloid The Sun named fashion trends in manicure, which appeared in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus. 

Here, for example, nails with a design in the form of masked faces, on some of them, the nail technician attached green forms symbolizing the virus.

Another photo shows a blue manicure with the inscription COVID-19.

Nаil stylists also paint prohibitive yellow signs and blots on their nails, and also write the phrases “coronavirus” and “wash your hands”.

Another British edition, Metro, notes that the pandemic inspired nail art experts to create a vibrant manicure. Due to this, the problem is not ignored, but it goes to a new level of discussion:

“A pandemic has led people to self-isolation and self-love, but it is not able to stop the creation of a conceptual manicure! Take a look at Instagram, and you will find nails decorated with Covid-19 images, nails with tiny coronavirus masks, and even works of art decorated with the inscription “coronavirus,” the newspaper writes.

And STALEKS PRO wants to remind you, dear nail stylists, that panic and anxiety have no place in difficult situations. Follow safety precautions, listen to the recommendations of WHO, take care of your safety during the procedure, do not neglect the safety of the client, and stay with us! An interview with a therapeutist about precautions for beauty professionals, a selection of exciting quarantine projects for self-education, and many other interesting things will be ready soon!

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