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Summer 2019 manicure trends from STALEKS PRO

The bright sun, a rave of colors – it’s summer! With a seasonal update of the wardrobe, you want to change and manicure. After all, the unusual design attracts attention, and well-groomed and neat nails will always be in trend. What is preferred? What does a fashionable manicure 2019 look like and what prints to pay attention to?

STALEKS PRO has collected all topical information for you!  We analyzed fashion trends and found for you examples of the most fantastic nail art for the summer.


Design Ideas from Fashion Magazines

Trendy nail designs can be drawn from social networks or fashion magazines. At the beginning of the year, we collected for you a selection of 10 of the coolest designs, drawing on foreign sources: Vogue, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Dazed.

Eminent fashion gurus agree on preferences and choose specific designs as a trend. Although in this matter it is essential to have your vision – to select the ideal shape of the nails according to the shape of the brush and the length of the fingers, advise the client the color that would best reflect his character.  All hope is upon you as a master! As for trends, here fashion experts recommend natural. The pastel or transparent polish, natural nails, neat classic manicure, a small length; those trends that seem to never go out of fashion.

Many floral prints, an abundance of ruche and bows, modeling on nails have gone to the past. In 2019, geometry became the main nail trend.  Design with scattered geometric shapes on the nails, “seasoned” with little sparkles, will draw attention to the image of any fashionable woman.  If you want to play on contrasts, this will be an excellent highlight in the design of nails.


The color scheme of the summer season

According to experts and professionals in the field of nails, the use of delicate pastel shades on the nails is always in trend. White, nude, peach, blue, lilac – these shades are perfectly combined with summer looks and well emphasize tan.

Do you like bright manicure? No problem: this season, two colors are popular: the shade “The Sargasso Sea” (bright blue, ultramarine) and coral color.  These colors fit perfectly into any beach image. It combines well with light floral dresses and flowing skirts.


Unusual nail art 2019

Owners of short nails are now in trend!  Naturalness has become one of the new beauty trends. Hard squares, sharp corners and other excesses have moved aside. If you focus on the shape and length of the nails, then preference should be given to the natural shape of the nail plate, and the length should be as comfortable as possible.

Manicure with a “dirty” effect

This summer is perfect, all that is imperfect. In the trend is the most careless manicure of all time. It does not mean that you can neglect the nails. It is an unusual effect that gives the nails a dirty look.

This manicure looks especially impressive in a combination of neon and nude shades. This approach is perfect for those who are not afraid of bold decisions and gives preference to natural makeup. Interesting work can be found on Instagram @orly.

Transparent nails

This trend came into the beauty industry last summer but is still popular. Such a manicure is similar to futuristic pop art. Choose a completely transparent finish to create a more sophisticated look. Proponents of a bright manicure may prefer translucent shades of red, green, pink and other colors. A sample of transparent and translucent manicure can be found on the page @nail_unistella on Instagram.


Metallic and glitter

This summer, to look stylish and brilliant, you can use silver, pink and gold, chromed shades of polish even on the hottest days.

Those who want to add a touch of playfulness and sexuality to their image should add glitter to the manicure. The combination of these trends will make more extravagant nail design. Example instagram @ julieknailsnyc

Combinations of several tones and framed nails

The best way to be trendy is to use neutral shades or combine several colors. Shades of pink and peach color are the most recent trend for the summer season. You can add zest to these classic tones if you cover nails with two shades at the same time. For those who want to draw more attention to their nails, the option with more bold colors and original transitions between them will suit. Besides, you can experiment with gradient nails art, or use different shades on each finger.

Stylish manicure with a frame is universal and unprecedented. The design combines several shades, and you can add gold or silver. Often contour contrasts with the primary color of polish.

You can get interesting ideas  from @monicahues



In the coming season, adherents of the “the less are better” philosophy will be pleased with the elegant designs in style “there is hardly anything.” Nail polish of neutral color with transparent reverse french manicure near the cuticle or a shiny transparent manicure with a simple pattern on one or several fingers will look good on nails.

Isn’t it a nice manicure from @nail_unistella?

Prints and abstract motifs

Black and white have proven themselves as an excellent color combination for the summer season. Nail art for the summer of 2019 may be brighter, or vice versa – softer, depending on what is preferable. Prints that are used in the design remain bold with an abundance of zigzags, flames, geometry.

For example, like @nail_unistella – an interesting option for the summer!

Summer notes in manicure

The fashion for manicure dictates its conditions every year. The summer season is the best time to play with colors in the manicure. Among the main trends of the summer of 2019, everyone will be able to find an attractive option from the variety of styles of this season.

But every nail technician should remember that not to overshadow a bright design, it is essential to carefully manicure. The professional tools STALEKS PRO from stainless steel will be helpful for you. The catalog contains everything that a nail technician needs for quick and convenient work with nails.

Create a world of beauty together!



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